Which languages does Textmetrics support?

Here is a clarification of languages / countries that are supported by Textmetrics. Textmetrics has several features and language / country support varies per feature.

  1. The Textmetrics user interface / screen language
    The Textmetrics user interface (screen language) is currently available in English, Dutch, German and French.
  2. SEO Optimization suggestions
    The SEO content optimization rules work for all languages.
  3. Content Quality analysis
    The Content Quality module is currently available for the languages Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanse, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.
  4. The B1-module (advanced content quality analysis)
    Languages supported: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese (PT and BR), Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish.
  5. Keyword Analysis, Pagetrackers, Content Ranking Index (CRI)
    The keyword analysis module, the page trackers (page rank monitoring) and Content Ranking Index (CRI) are available for the following 60+ domains/languages. We keep on extending this list – please send us your requests.
    AE – google.ae
    AL – google.al
    AR – google.com.ar
    AT – google.at
    AU – google.com.au
    BA – google.ba
    BE – google.be
    BG – google.bg
    BR – google.com.br
    BY – google.by
    CA – google.ca
    CH – google.ch
    CL – google.cl
    CO – google.com.co
    CR – google.co.cr
    CZ – google.cz
    DE – google.de
    DK – google.dk
    DZ – google.dz
    EE – google.ee
    EG – google.com.eg
    ES – google.es
    FI – google.fi
    FR – google.fr
    GE – google.ge
    GR – google.gr
    GT – google.com.gt
    HK – google.com.hk
    HR – google.hr
    HU – google.hu
    ID – google.co.id
    IE – google.ie
    IL – google.co.il
    IN – google.in
    IT – google.it
    JP – google.co.jp
    KR – google.co.kr
    KZ – google.kz
    LU – google.lu
    LV – google.lv
    MT – google.com.mt
    MX – google.com.mx
    MY – google.com.my
    NG – google.com.ng
    NL – google.nl
    NO – google.no
    NZ – google.co.nz
    PA – google.com.pa
    PH – google.com.ph
    PK – google.com.pk
    PL – google.pl
    PR – google.com.pr
    PT – google.pt
    RO – google.ro
    RS – google.rs
    SE – google.se
    SG – google.com.sg
    SI – google.si
    SK – google.sk
    TH – google.co.th
    TR – google.com.tr
    TT – google.tt
    TW – google.com.tw
    UA – google.com.ua
    UK – google.co.uk
    US – google.com
    VN – google.com.vn
    ZA – google.co.za
  6. Synonym analysis
    This module, to extract the main topics from top competing content, currently works for Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish.