Webtexttool is now Textmetrics

After many years of operating under the Webtexttool brand, we are making a forward leap and will be changing our company name to Textmetrics. This new name and identity better represent the direction in which we want to go as a company and our ambitions towards becoming a leader in the content creation and analytics (continuous content improvement) industry.

The Textmetrics name is a combination of two words, Text and Metrics. “Text” represents the written part of content creation, and “Metrics” symbolizes the analysis and improvement suggestions that our A.I. gives you.

You will notice our name change soon on all our mailings, website, plugins, platform, invoices and promotional materials.

We’re still the same company, run by the same leadership team, however under a new name.

Your user data, account(s), content, plugin access, pricing, and special arrangements will remain the same, small iterations and changes in look and feel will take place over the next weeks as we accommodate to the new brand.