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For our Free Trial and Pro Subscriptions, we have four different options available. We understand that you may want to use the software for a specific purpose. Below you will find information about the four different subscriptions. Would you like to explore if it’s a good fit for you first? Then feel free to request the free 7-day trial for one of the subscriptions.


Government agencies must ensure that their message is clear to everyone. With our special Government subscription, you can write all your texts at a B1 level. This means help with simplifying difficult words, unraveling complex and long sentences, avoiding passive language, and shortening your text. Our software also detects unnecessary bureaucratic language and immediately suggests clearer alternatives. For government agencies, we offer a special package. Curious? Let’s talk!


Our Recruitment subscription shows you which pull factors to mention in your job description to convince potential candidates. As a recruiter, it is essential to attract the right talents. Additionally, you also want your message to be understandable to everyone. Textmetrics brings all your texts to the right level. And don’t stress over using overly formal language; Textmetrics always offers a good alternative with the help of the AI Assistant.


Diversity and inclusion are essential. This subscription ensures that you no longer exclude people from your communication, but that you address everyone. Check your texts for gender bias and receive alternatives for words that indicate a certain gender. The software also ensures that your texts are readable for everyone and free from age discrimination. This way, your company contributes to a world where everyone is heard and seen.

General Content

The General Content subscription is exactly what you need if you want to optimize different types of texts. Receive tips for the layout and SEO of your texts and make them easily readable for your target audience. With our AI Assistant by your side, generating titles, descriptions, and complete text pieces becomes a breeze. We elevate your content to a higher level!

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