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You know your employees are using AI, right?

With the rise of AI text generation platforms such as ChatGPT everyone’s turning to them to make (working) life easier, but what are they using it for? Is it in compliance with your security regulations? And how do you ensure proper governance?

AI governance

What is AI governance? The administration of the data and the AI systems that use it, making sure they are used responsibly and securely, is referred to as AI governance. In order to guarantee efficiency, compliance, and confidence in the creation and application of AI technology, A governance is essential…

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The potential for negative effects of AI becomes more obvious as it is incorporated into organizational and governmental activities more and more. For AI risks to be managed and for ethical and social harm to be avoided, effective governance is crucial. Explainability and transparent decision-making are essential elements to guarantee appropriate AI use. Governance initiatives go beyond following the law to uphold moral principles and encourage the creation of AI that is socially conscious.

Examples are the OECD AI Principles, which promote reliable AI stewardship, and the GDPR, which focuses on protecting personal data.

Transparent data storage

The quality of using data with integrity, legally, fairly, and traceably for legitimate purposes is known as data transparency. Businesses and individuals alike need to be aware of what data is being gathered, who can access it, how it will be used, and how they can engage with it…

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This is achieved through access controls, secure servers, training, data encryption, non-data resale, and more. For instance, Textmetrics also adheres to the strictest international standards in data protection and is ISO 27001 certified. Read this blog to discover what else we do to ensure optimal data protection.

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