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If you run a large corporation with many employees, it can be challenging to balance AI control and maximizing potential in extensive organizations. Our software is customizable to match your company’s branding and tone of voice in 12 languages. Textmetrics enables collaborative work, ensuring consistent branding and tone of voice for multiple users. With Textmetrics, you can confidently leverage AI capabilities while ensuring the security of your data.

Media & Publishers

If you’re a media or publishing company, you can use textmetrics to optimize your content for Google. The software analyzes your text and provides suggestions to enhance SEO. It recommends supporting keywords based on a user-selected keyword, utilizing what currently performs well in rankings and best fits the topic. Multiple brandings can be added in the software to generate suitable texts.


Staffing Agencies

If you run a staffing agency with content and job ads to write, we’re the software for you. Our Job Description Generator ensures captivating job descriptions with consistently high quality. Textmetrics provides Pull factors and benefits, highlighting the attractive points in a job vacancy. Furthermore, we provide governance, ensuring mastery over AI for added control and precision.



In partnership with the Direct Duidelijk Brigade, we have created a module tailored for government organizations dealing with writing tasks. Make your texts understandable to everyone by ensuring they are written at a B1 readability level. Our D&I module ensures inclusive texts that address everyone. Consistency and the ability to engage everyone further enhance the effectiveness of this module.


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