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How is your data securely stored by Textmetrics?

Textmetrics maintains very high standards when it comes to processing personal data. This is mandatory within the EU according to the strict regulations of the AVG. However, this says little about the systems in which these and other data are processed and stored. Is your data safe or can hackers easily access your trade secrets?

Textmetrics also uses the strictest international standards for data protection and is ISO 27001 certified. Read here what Textmetrics does to protect your data.


1. Access controls

Not everyone has the same rights in your Textmetrics account. This prevents anyone from accidentally or deliberately changing settings that you have just spent an afternoon working on. Unauthorized people cannot access your data: your data is not accessible to others; it belongs to you only. This reduces the chances of your sensitive information ending up online.


2. Firewalls

Siegfried had to put in a lot of effort to free Brunhilde. When she was enclosed by a ring of fire. At Textmetrics, we use something similar to protect our systems, such as firewalls that monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. All workstations, servers and systems are equipped with sophisticated firewalls and software to intercept viruses and malware. These software programs alert us, when suspicious activities occur, but most malicious bots are automatically stopped.


3. Secure servers

A secure server is optimized to provide a higher level of security against cyber attacks, data breaches, and other security risks. Textmetrics uses such servers to securely host data, services and programs. These secure servers are located in heavily secured data centers in the EU.


4. Training – raising awareness

A company can be as secure as it is, if employees don’t know what to do, it’s all for naught. The most notorious examples of this occur when employees click on a suspicious link in an email, enabling someone to take the entire digital environment hostage. At Textmetrics, all employees receive periodic security awareness training to learn how to handle data and systems responsibly. In this way, we significantly reduce the chance of human error.


5. Data encryption

Textmetrics uses data encryption for data storage and data transfers between different systems. This encryption is done by a program called Windows Bitlocker. Hackers therefore have no use for stolen data at all because it is unreadable to them.


6. Security testing

Textmetrics does an annual pen test. This is a so-called penetration test, where we see how well our systems withstand cyber attacks. For such a pen test, we hire ethical hackers who do their absolute best to find weaknesses in our systems before cybercriminals have the chance.


7. No reselling of data

Reselling data is a highly questionable business. Textmetrics does not participate in this. Your data is and remains yours. However, we must retain certain data in connection with legal obligations and our services. Read about this in our privacy policy. It also describes how you can access and view this stored data at any time.

Textmetrics guarantees optimal data protection. Our systems are optimally secured, our employees are well trained, and we never sell data to third parties. All so you can work with us safely!

Your privacy is important to us

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data. We make every effort to ensure that all data assets are fully protected, following applicable laws, regulations and industry best practices.

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