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Discover how Textmetrics caters to the unique writing requirements of professionals like you. Explore the benefits that will elevate communication within your role to new heights.


Discover how Textmetrics can enhance your recruitment process. With our Recruitment Module, powered by Intelligence Group and Jobdigger, we utilize artificial intelligence to optimize your texts and offer valuable suggestions. Our Diversity and Inclusion module ensures that your job vacancies are inclusive, and we provide tips for optimizing your job postings for Google for Jobs, allowing you to reach your entire target audience.


Marketers, use Textmetrics to enhance your marketing strategy. Take advantage of SEO optimization, comprehensive competition analysis, sentiment analysis, and the ability to connect with every corner of your target audience. Our software ensures that your company’s branding and tone of voice are prominent and consistent across all content, even in diverse teams with different writing styles.

Journalists & Editors

Experience the impact of Textmetrics on your content creation. Our software is designed to support journalists and editors in creating standout content by offering a wide range of features. These include SEO optimization, the ability to check competitors’ strategies, enforcing your compelling branding and tone of voice, and ensuring readability. Let Textmetrics help you improve your content creation process and achieve remarkable results.


Improve your managerial role with Textmetrics. Gain insights into content quality, robust reporting and monitoring capabilities, and ensure the secure use of AI through transparent data storage practices. Measure team activity, seamlessly integrate with any CRM/ATS/CMS system, and retain experiences and knowledge within your company for sustained growth.

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