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The Recruitment Module, powered by Intelligence Group and Jobdigger, is a form of AI-assisted writing. It reads your text, studies it, and offers advice using data-based algorithms. Textmetrics checks for excluded, repetitive, incorrect, or unnecessary parts, and provides suggestions for improvement, such as using gender-neutral words or shorter sentences. We offer a module specifically for writing job ads. This will encourage readers to apply.

We promote inclusivity

Textmetrics’ recruitment module promotes diversity by creating gender-neutral job descriptions that attract a wide range of candidates. This approach enables organizations to discover the unique contributions of women when an equal group of candidates applies. The module also includes rules that prevent age bias and promote inclusivity.

Optimize for Google for Jobs

The recruitment module optimizes the process for Google Jobs, making it easy to showcase the vacancy to a wide audience and attract top talent. Our streamlined process ensures that clients discover qualified candidates who are a good fit for their organization, helping them achieve their hiring goals and ultimately leading to business success.

The top 15 job motivators

Textmetrics provides you with a list of job motivators for your target audience based on the type of job and its field. Including these motivators in your vacancies will encourage people to apply. In today’s competitive job market, standing out is crucial, and Textmetrics offers unique tools to make the recruitment process more effective.

Ensure that the perfect candidate is motivated to apply


Our Job Ad Generator provides recruiters like you with the ability to effortlessly generate vacancies that are accurate and error-free from the very first draft.

Want to attract a diverse range of candidates? Describe the quality of the candidate you’re looking for instead of setting specific requirements.

Check out the top 15 motivators for your job function and include them in your text. Get ready to be amazed by the increase in applicants!

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We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data. We make every effort to ensure that all data assets are fully protected, following applicable laws, regulations and industry best practices.

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