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November 14, 2023

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Neurodiversity in job descriptions

Of course, you know how important it is to be inclusive in the workplace. Like most employers and recruiters you’re trying to establish a balance in gender, ethnic background and age to avoid discrimination and to guarantee a safe space for all. But did you already consider the diversity regarding neurodivergent people? Or are you still chasing away your most brilliant prospective employees?

Read here how to attract neurodivergent people and how your company will benefit from a neurodiverse workforce.


What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is about the different ways that the brain receives and processes impulses. Thirty to forty percent of any given population will show neurodivergent patterns that deviate from that of neurotypical persons. These deviations exist on a spectrum and are in no way disabilities. Neurodivergent people can have remarkable talents like thinking out of the box, creativity, focus or problem-solving.


Neurodivergent conditions

Neurodivergent individuals often have conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, Tourette syndrome, and others. Some people even have advocated placing introverts into the neurodivergent box, but that might lead to there being more neurodivergent than neurotypical people. At that point, we’d have to reconsider neuro-definitions.


The value of a neurodiverse team

In a neurodiverse team, all members complement each other. You need the ADHD guy who always has big and crazy ideas, starting 5 projects at the same time. Most of these ideas would fail without other people to implement and test them. Testers on the autism spectrum have a sharp eye for detail and can focus for a long time without getting bored. They can get so consumed by their task, that the outside world seemingly disappears for them.


Are neurodivergent people team players?

Some neurodivergent people aren’t team players. So what? Their valuable strength lies somewhere else. The strength of a neurodiverse team is that it drives innovation and leads to a broader skill set within the company. Such is the power of neurodiversity.


Hiring process of neurodivergent people

The biggest hurdle for successful hiring of neurodivergent people is the bias of the recruiter. Forget everything you learned about body language to overcome this. It doesn’t signal deception if a candidate looks down, stammers or stays silent during an interview. They’re probably overwhelmed and unable to show you how good they are. Give them a chance to express themselves in different ways.


Making job ads neurodivergent friendly

Use clear language and don’t list unnecessary qualifications that could discourage neurodivergent candidates. Do not use terms like fast-paced, being able to work under pressure, team player, or having excellent communication skills if this is not strictly required for the role. Do highlight that your company is willing to adjust the hiring process if desired, for example by replacing a stressful assessment with a job trial.


Recommendations for neurodiverse job ads

  1. Avoid jargon and complex phrasing
  2. Highlight only essential skills and experience necessary for the job
  3. Mention your commitment to diversity and inclusion
  4. Provide alternatives in the hiring process
  5. Show willingness to accommodate different needs in the workplace


Making an inclusive job ad

Make the best job ads with the Textmetrics job ad generator. This will make your ads more inclusive. The job ad generator checks your biases and gives suggestions for better wording, so you can attract the very best candidates for the job. Write an inclusive ad and you’ll make your team ready for success!

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