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Marketing teams face multiple challenges, such as creating content that resonates with their target audience, maintaining high-quality standards, and ensuring brand consistency. Discover how Textmetrics can help marketing teams overcome these obstacles and improve the writing of their marketing content.

SEO Optimalisation

Keyword analysis
Check the strength of your chosen keyword with our keyword analysis and receive suggestions for better online findability.

Check the competition
What keywords and keyword phrases do you and your competitors use? Page title, page description, headings, links and images are checked in the software.

SEO check
The SEO check ensures that your keyword is mentioned the optimal amount to be ranked higher in Google.

Consistent high quality

Your tone of voice 
Ensure consistency and unity in all written communication by customizing the tone of voice of your company.

Your branding
Identify terms that are not allowed and check for specific brand values. Textmetrics provides suggestions to ensure all texts align with your branding.

The right sentiment
Textmetrics helps prevent negative sentiment in your content, ensuring your message is friendly and confident.


Did you know that your writing style can be gender-specific? It can be masculine, feminine, or neutral! Choose words that give your texts a gender-neutral tone of voice to engage everyone in your target audience.

Diversity and Inclusion
It’s important to address not only all genders but also people from all walks of life – people of different ages and cultures, and even those with lower reading proficiency. Our software also takes this aspect of D&I into account.

Textmetrics works..

Optimize texts with the marketing module. The marketing module analyzes the text and provides suggestions on various aspects. By clicking on the eye icon, you can view all the available options.

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We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data. We make every effort to ensure that all data assets are fully protected, following applicable laws, regulations and industry best practices.

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