I can’t reach a 100% score in the editor, how do I fix this?

Normally, you won’t score 100% if you haven’t followed all of the SEO suggestions. Every rule has a certain weight, so one optimization tip can have more influence on your score than another.

If you’ve followed all of the provided suggestions and you still don’t score 100%, please contact us at support@textmetrics.com.

Once my content scores 100%, am I done optimizing?

Our goal is to optimize your content in the best way we can. Technically, when your text scores 100% for SEO, it’s optimized. But the way search engines “look” at content changes all the time, that’s why we regularly update our tool to the newest SEO rules.

When search engines alter their algorithms for processing and indexing web content, Textmetrics adapts. Your previously perfect optimization score may be affected. It’s always a good idea to check your content once in a while and optimize it according to the latest tips and tricks.

Watch this video to learn how to use Textmetrics: