5 easy steps to improve your written web content

5 easy steps to improve your written web content

Let’s be honest, most of us amateur copywriters think we write a lot of interesting and very good webcontent.

Of course, there are always possibilities of improvement, but we don’t really like people criticizing our content too much.

But what if we told you could improve your written webcontent, in just four simple steps? That’s a chance you should take!

Inspired by Inspired by Danny Rubin, we provide 4 simple steps to you that tell you exactly how to improve your content quickly!

Step 1 – Finish your text in the Textmetrics on-page SEO editor

The first step is to finish your text in the Textmetrics on-page SEO editor. The editor will provide some steps about headings, italic tags, keywords etc.

Textmetrics combines thousands of SEO rules to get the best results in the multiple search engines.

By using Textmetrics, you optimize your content for websites and web pages, so from now on you can call your normal content: ‘webcontent‘.



Step 2 – Check your webcontent for grammar mistakes

This next step might sound unnecessary for a lot of people, you might think, I can write a simple article without any mistakes.

But research tells us that even the best writers make a lot of grammar mistakes. Especially when you write articles in a language that you don’t natively speak.

Don’t underestimate the importance of grammar in your professional webcontent, a lot of people see grammar as a reflection of your professionalism.

Our personal favorite grammar checker is Grammarly. If you use the Textmetrics editor for your SEO friendly, you can check your webcontent immediately in your browser.

It’s pretty easy, so why would you skip it?

Step 3 – Copy to your favorite text editor and use Ctrl+F

You might think, why do I need to use Ctrl+F? Well, because we’re going to make some simple changes to your content that will improve the readability a lot.

Your webcontent is way better off without these commonly used words and sentences!

Make the following changes:

-Delete the words “very”, “just” and “really”

-Delete the words “in order” (as in “I did this in order to do that”)

-Delete the word “that” (as in “I believe that you are correct”)

-Delete the word “quite” (excess word)

-Replace the word “thing” (replace with specific word for the “thing”)

-Change the word “utilize” (switch to “use” or pick another verb)

-Change the words “get” or “got” (pick another, more descriptive verb)

-Change -ing verbs (I am writing becomes I write)

Don’t forget to check your content after making these changes, it’s possible that they don’t work out this one time!
kill your darlings

Step 4 – Kill your darlings 

Every writer has his own darlings. Words that you use way too much in your content. And the next step to improve your content is to kill your darlings.

Look for these words, expressions or sentences and change them in something else or delete them immediately.

Although it might feel like you’re totally changing your own writing style, but that’s a good thing.

By killing your darlings, you will see that your written content evolves in more valuable and professional webcontent.

Step 5 – Submit your work with confidence

Make sure that you fully support what you write. Make sure that you dare to bet your life on what you write.

Check your content and ask yourself if you like what you write, don’t just write what people want to read.

You are responsible for what you publish, so you should support your own work with the full 100%! If you don’t, then don’t publish!

We personally think that this last step is one of the most important steps to follow.

Although it isn’t specific at all, most of the people that read this tip know exactly what to change in their articles!

Follow these 5 little step and in just a few moments, your content will be optimized technically and you will get the best out yourself! Start improving your own talents! If you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything, use our free trial of Textmetrics to check your content on all the important stuff!

Guide for Newbies: How to build backlinks new style?

Guide for Newbies: How to build backlinks new style?

In the past, people saw link building as some kind of trick to raise their search engine ranks quickly. But this old style link building strategy is history now.

Nowadays, Google bots learned to see the difference between real incoming links, that people share because they want to link to a website with valuable content and links provided by old style link building.

Link building has changed and your own link building strategy should change too! That’s why we’re going to learn you how to build backlinks new style. Qualitative links are the next big thing, but how do you get good backlinks?

guide for newbies 2 - url

#1 Write valuable content to increase shareability

People share content that they like. It sounds quite easy, but it is the way it is. If you write crappy content, then you probably won’t get any backlinks unless you post them yourself.

Make sure your target audience rates your content as valuable for them and maybe even lots of other people.

If you produce valuable content and you promote it in the right ways, people will read your content and share it with their friends!

#2 Use cross promotion for quality backlinks

Back in the days when search engines were quite easy to manipulate, exchanging links was a popular way to build links very quickly.

But Google is a lot smarter now. They don’t care if you get inward links from a website if you have totally nothing in common. These links became completely useless in new style link building.

But there still is a different way to use this strategy. It only costs a bit more of an effort, this is what you can do:

Use cross promotion!

Cross promotion is a promotion technique in which two companies work together to promote their websites.

The main condition for this technique to work is that these companies must have something in common, like:

Textmetrics and a company that makes web designs or a supermarket and a butcher.

Google sees that the companies that backlink to each other have something in common and that’s why these links are seen as valuable.

#3 Register in qualitative directories for better results

In the past, building links in directories was something that you should definitely do, anywhere, anytime you could.

The more backlinks you had, the better. That’s was the motto of old style link building.

But things have changed. If your website gets linked to in too many bad rated directories, it can have a really bad influence on your search engine rank:

There is a chance that Google will give you a penalty.

That’s the reason why it’s really important that, if you decide to use directories for link building, you make sure to choose the right ones.

You have to be picky to decide which directories are valuable to register your backlinks to and which aren’t.

#4 Active attitude in discussions and forums

This next way to generate backlinks that actually will lead your target audience to your website might be the most valuable tip that we want to give you today:

Mix in online discussions about your companies specialties

You might think, what does this have to do with backlinks. Well, more than you think, but before we explain this link we must tell you something about the past of backlinks on forums and blogs.

In the past, a good way to generate some relevant backlinks was to post your links to popular blogs or discussions on forums. Marketers posted them on almost every opportunity that they saw.

But since a lot of blog owners blocked this way of creating backlinks, this technique isn’t that successful anymore.

But wait, then what to do next? Well:

No worries, there is still a very good way to promote your website through blogs and forums. The only thing that has changed is that you have to make a little bit more of an effort to create these backlinks.

Look for discussions or blogs that are relevant to your companies products, services or published content. React in a natural way and mix yourself into the discussion.

When the time is right you can post a link to your company, just the way so it totally fits in the discussion.

If you succeed to use this technique in an effective way, we can guarantee you that this gives you quite a lot traffic on your website!

#5 New style social media, best way to get new style backlinks

Back in the days that people started to use link building as a technique, social media sites weren’t that big as they are today.

For us, it looks like ages but Facebook and Twitter weren’t that popular 10 years ago.

That’s why this last step to get valuable backlinks has everything to do with this “new” way of communicating.

Google has also followed this development and that’s why social media links became way more important in search engine optimization and creating backlinks.

There are a few ways to create backlinks through social media:

  1. Building a social community around your brand or company

The way to build a strong community is to make sure that you promote your content the right way.

Make sure that your content is shareable because the more shares and likes you get, the more Google rates your content as relevant and valuable.

  1. Use opinion leaders to speak for you

Another way to promote your links through social media is to find some opinion leaders to speak for you.

They are people that inspire other people to do what they do, and to use what they use, so of course they are the best persons to tell everyone how great your website/brand/product is! 

So, how to build backlinks new style?

As you have seen in this article, the most important words to describe how to build new style backlinks are:

Relevant & valuable

Link building isn’t about just posting links anymore, it’s about looking for and finding the most relevant and valuable ways to promote your content, company and brand.

Don’t forget, this is the way to do it now, old style link building can kill your seo strategy! New style backlinks combined with a free trial of Textmetrics will make sure that you’ll rise in the search engines even faster than you could imagine.

And by following this guide, you should be able to rock the world of new style link building! Isn’t that awesome?

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4 Simple Steps To Excellent Webcontent [Infographic]

4 Simple Steps To Excellent Webcontent [Infographic]

Excellent webcontent, that’s something we all want. Lots and lots of visitors and maybe even more new clients are the wishes of many business owners.

That’s why we’re here to help. Basically, you need to do two things to make excellent webcontent:

1. Writing creative content that your target audience wants to read

2. Optimizing your content in a technical way


conditions for excellent webcontent

Why are these two things so important for excellent webcontent?

Creative content for your target audience is the most important piece of the puzzle. You need to write content that they like and share with their friends.

That’s one of the ways to create more traffic to your site, just by writing excellent and creative content.

We wrote another article about this subject, so if you’re interested in “writing to reach your target audience”, you can read our article here!

But the other thing, optimizing your content, is just as important.

If you write good content, then you want your content to be found, also in the search engines.

That’s why it’s important to focus on the right keywords and optimize your content in the right way.

But to be honest, SEO is not the most fun thing to do.

That’s why we created Textmetrics:

To make sure that you won’t spend too much time on optimizing your content!

Simple webcontent optimization with Textmetrics

The most simple way to optimize your webcontent is to follow our new infographic:

“4 steps to excellent webcontent”

SEO doesn’t have to be hard to do, and that’s why we tried to keep it simple. It’s just like we always say:

With Textmetrics, everyone can be a seo expert.

Don’t wait any longer and just read and learn from our new infographic!

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Textmetrics infographic

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