December 23, 2021

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Why employer branding is important for talent acquisition

The ‘branding’ in employer branding might confuse you. Because employer branding only has to do with marketing, right? Not anymore. Nowadays, employer branding also plays an important role in talent acquisition and recruitment. Social media, career review sites and the internet in general are responsible for this. Jobseekers can easily find information about the companies they’re considering applying at. You can probably guess what happens if you have a negative reputation online? Jobseekers will refrain from applying. This is where employer branding comes in. You need to build a strong employer brand if you want to become a company everybody wants to work for.


What is employer branding?

Employer branding is a company’s reputation as an employer. And it says something about what you have to offer to employees. Have you succeeded in building a strong employer brand? Then it will be easier for you to attract talented employees. And it will be easier keep the ones who already work for you. They are less likely to leave when you have a solid reputation.

To build a good reputation, you need to establish company values and a positive work culture. The personality of your company needs to align with the aspirations of talented candidates. Employees need to know what unique set of benefits you offer in return for their skills, capabilities and experience.


Why does an employer brand matter for talent acquisition and recruitment?

There are two reasons why a strong employer brand is especially important for talent acquisition and recruitment:

  • You’ll receive more applications from talented candidates

A strong employer brand means you have a solid reputation. And 95% of jobseekers consider the reputation of a company important when exploring career opportunities. What’s more, 69% of jobseekers say they won’t apply if a company has a negative reputation. So, the better your reputation, the more applications you’ll receive.

  • You’ll save money

Things with a good reputation sell themselves. This applies to your job ads as well. Do talented candidates want to work for you because you have a strong employer brand? Then you don’t need to spend money to promote your job ads. Or to search for candidates yourself.


Textmetrics and employer branding

Building a strong employer brand requires work on all your written communication. The Textmetrics platform can be of big help here. The platform analyzes all the content you publish. It then provides you with real-time suggestions when you deviate too far from your brand identity. This way, you’ll know that all written content is consistent with your employer brand. Delivering maximum impact on the talented candidates you want to reach.

Want to try Textmetrics? Click here for a free trial!

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