Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
October 19, 2021

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The dos and don’ts of employer branding

You might not realize it, but employer branding plays an important role in the recruitment process. It helps you attract and retain a diverse group of employees. And that the only way to reach your ambitious diversity and inclusion goals. Which often turns out to be more challenging than you might have thought.

In recruitment, employer branding refers to the way your company is perceived by employees and candidates. If you have a good reputation, more jobseekers will decide to apply for one of your jobs. Likewise, if you have a bad reputation, you’ll notice that finding new candidates is quite a challenge. It’s time to really focus on building a firm employer brand.


The don’ts of employer branding

We will begin with the don’ts of employer branding. We’ve listed three of them below.

  • Don’t ignore online reviews

The power of online reviews and social media is one you cannot underestimate. Jobseekers find more value in these than in the information on your website. You should invest time into monitoring and responding to online reviews. Do respond when a bad review comes in and explain your side of the story.

  • Don’t forget about your website

A candidate that is about to apply will probably visit your website to find out more about your company. So, make sure that the information they are looking for is there and easy to find. You should also make sure that the information is up to date. Especially on the About us and Career pages. Those are the pages jobseekers will definitely have a look at. 

  • Don’t set it and forget it

Your employer brand is never done. A year from now, your business might look a lot different. So don’t think you’re done once you’ve created a strong employer brand. Your employer brand is constantly evolving. So, you need to keep updating it and not forget about it. 


The dos of employer branding

Next up are the things you should do if you want to build a firm employer brand. We’ve listed three of them below.

  • Do use your employees

Can you think of anyone better to tell your story than your employees? They are the best way for candidates to get to know your company. Ask employees to share stories of their experiences at your company. What do they do on a daily basis? What training did they receive? And how would they describe the company culture? Share these stories online for jobseekers to find.

  • Do use social media to share your employer brand

A lot of jobseekers use social media to find out more about your company. Make sure you have a social media presence and use it to convey your employer brand. You can share the stories of your employees here (as we just discussed above). Don’t forget to ask your employees to share these stories on their social media channels as well. You’ll reach a lot more people when they do so.

  • Do show authenticity

You can only build a firm employer brand when you’re honest, truthful and transparent. Jobseekers will know when you’re not telling the truth. Or when you’ll ask employees to say positive things that aren’t true. And if they do start to work for you, they will soon find out anyway. And they will walk out the door before you know it.


How Textmetrics can help with employer branding

From the above, it’s clear what the dos and don’ts of employer branding are. But how can you implement this in the hiring process? Using the Textmetrics platform is a good way to start. The platform analyzes what you write. And our augmented assistant provides you with real-time suggestions when you deviate too far from your brand identity. All your written content will be consistent with your employer brand.

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