What’s the best time to post on social media sites?

What’s the best time to post on social media sites?

Our new Textmetrics article is inspired by a question of our own. Of course, like a lot of companies, we want to reach our audience by using social media. We would love to be able to communicate with them and to know what’s on their minds.

But how do you communicate with your audience if you don’t know when they will read their tweets, facebook feed, and other social media. In one sentence, our question was: “What’s the perfect time to post your content on social media?”

The answer to this question can be: “It depends on your audiences and their time”. But how do you find out what your perfect post-time is? Follow our checklist!

#1: Track your target audiences location to optimize your results

This might sound a bit like we are some kind of stalkers, but let us explain.

When we tried to find an answer to this question, the second question that came to our minds was:

“Where do our followers come from?”

You might think, why would you tell the second question first? Well, because that’s the question that a lot of people will forget when trying to figure out their best time to post on social media.

Here’s why this question is so important:

If you’re from the UK, but all of your twitter followers and clients come from Australia, then information about people in the UK isn’t that important for you.

Like always, the most important thing is to keep in mind who your consumers and target audience are. These are the people that you have to target!

Luckily for you and us, there are a lot of tools on the internet that help you to find out where your audience comes from. One of these tools that we would recommend is https://followerwonk.com/analyze for twitter. This tool shows you all the stats that you need, location, gender, active hours of your followers etc. We used our Textmetrics twitter account as an example.

map article best time to post on social media

In this image, you can see that most of our followers are from the US and Europe (The Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom).

That’s a good thing because that are the countries that we want to reach with our content. But that also means that we have to tweet at the ideal times in more than 3 different time zones to reach our whole target audience.

That brings us to the next question, what are these best times to tweet? (Of course you can do research like this for all the different social media that you use to communicate with your target audience)

#2: Combine with this social media infographic for the best results

After a little bit of research, we found out that there are a lot of infographics to be found about this topic. One more specific and reliable than the other, but the following one of Quicksprout is one of our personal favorites.

Use this information in combination with your location research, and you will succeed to reach more people in your target audience every day! The results will be measurable! Have a nice social day!

What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media
Courtesy of Quick Sprout
Become a webcare king

Become a webcare king

It’s no secret that lots and lots of people use the internet on a daily base for all kind of activities. Sharing funny videos, buying a present for our grandma’s birthday, posting holiday pictures, giving our opinions to world problems, looking at pictures of cats, all of these things are things we do online. You could say that we spend half of our lives online nowadays. And that’s exactly the point of this article.

Every business nowadays should take their part in the online world. Just offering the best price to your customers isn’t enough anymore. In today’s world everybody has access to millions of companies and billions of products. You could almost say only way to reach your customers thoughts is to become popular and respected in their online life. But how do you make sure to stay popular online? That’s what we’re going to help you with today. Just read the following tips for your webcare strategy and become the webcare king in your branch!

Step 1: Do research

Lots of companies make the mistake of not knowing where to reach their audience, don’t make the same mistake and investigate your target audience. Make sure you know where they share their opinions, when they watch their news, what’s going on in their lives.

Step 2: Get noticed

The second step to become the number one company in your customers mind online is to get noticed. No company can be popular without being known. In the first step you made sure that you know where to find your audience, now make sure that they know where to find you! Make sure they notice that you’re there! Join their favourite networks and join their important discussions.

Step 3: Stay visible/active

After you get noticed, it’s important to stay visible. To differentiate yourself from all the other companies, you should constantly be active. Big news for your target audience? Make sure you’re the one to share it to them. Interesting online event coming up for your audience? Participate!

You’ve got to make sure that you always stay in line of sight of your audience, otherwise there are 100’s of other companies that would love to take your place in just a few moments.

Step 4: Be reactive

The most important step of webcare is being reactive. You can’t just wait for people to come to you, you should be the one to reach out to your audience. React to their opinions about relevant news, help them with the problems they share online and make sure they appreciate your presents.

But when you’re visible online, there will always be people that think badly about your company. Make sure to respond seriously to their complaints and look for an appropriate solution for their problems. A few complaints that aren’t taken seriously can be deadly to your companies popularity, even if you think they aren’t that important on first sight. It’s better to prevent than to fix these dangerous situations.

Besides the fact that it could be dangerous to ignore online complaints, it’s also a missed chance. If you succeed to convert people’s complaints into successfully fixed problems, than people will even like you more. They feel taken seriously and will share their success stories with their friends. Just a little effort for a lot of positive response, isn’t that something every company should want to have?

Royal Dutch Airlines, webcare kings

One of the many companies that know how to use webcare as their weapon is the Royal Dutch Airlines. (@KLM on twitter) This company has a big webcare team that provides everything their audience asks for, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 14 languages. They know exactly what to share, what to say and how to respond. If you want to learn how to become a webcare king, they are definitely a good teacher.

Don’t wait any longer and become a webcare king yourself!