Must reads for all content creators

Must reads for all content creators

Must reads for all content creators

As a content creator, you can always become even better than you are right now. There are always points of improvement that you do or don’t see yet. One way to get better at what you’re doing is trying to learn from others. But how? Especially for you Inspired by we tried to make a little list of must reads for all content creators. These platforms, blogs, and books are the places to be if you want to read the best tips, tricks and much more.

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

The first book on our must read list is the book Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. This is one of our personal favorites. This book offers useful writing tips for everybody that likes to write. It doesn’t matter what or for who you write, this book is interesting for every content creator. Handley treats multiple writing subjects in her book, like how to write better, grammar, publishing rules, story rules and content tools. The only thing that she forgot is to name Textmetrics in her book, but that’s something we will forgive her!


The second tip that we have for you content creators is the quicksprout blog by Neil Patel. This blog is just an interesting blog with SEO information and lots more, that we would recommend to you all. Just see for yourself what quicksprout has to offer to you:

The Big List of 189 Blog Posts That Convert

The third must read that we wanted to share with you is the blog post about blog posts that convert. This post is highly recommended by several copywriters in our own surroundings and this is something you should definitely read if you want to learn how to write copy that gets your customer’s attention. You can find the full post by clicking on the following link:

Grammar girl

The last but not least must read that we reviewed for you is ‘Grammar girl’. The best introduction to grammar girl was provided by Mignon Grammar Girl Forgarty herself:

“Your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.”

This is the place to be for everyone that likes to know how to write correctly in English, especially for the non-native speakers and writers, this is a very interesting blog to follow! You can find the Grammar Girl here!

This is the end of the small list of must reads that we wanted to share with you today. Of course there are a lot more interesting blogs, books and platforms to be read. Do you want to share some of your own favorites? Please add them in the comment section, because we can all learn from each other!

Do you want to see the full list of must reads for all content creators? You can find it here! Also if you don’t just want to read interesting content but also want to write it yourself, you should check out our free trial! We’ll help you to optimize your content the right way, so you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Become a webcare king

Become a webcare king

It’s no secret that lots and lots of people use the internet on a daily base for all kind of activities. Sharing funny videos, buying a present for our grandma’s birthday, posting holiday pictures, giving our opinions to world problems, looking at pictures of cats, all of these things are things we do online. You could say that we spend half of our lives online nowadays. And that’s exactly the point of this article.

Every business nowadays should take their part in the online world. Just offering the best price to your customers isn’t enough anymore. In today’s world everybody has access to millions of companies and billions of products. You could almost say only way to reach your customers thoughts is to become popular and respected in their online life. But how do you make sure to stay popular online? That’s what we’re going to help you with today. Just read the following tips for your webcare strategy and become the webcare king in your branch!

Step 1: Do research

Lots of companies make the mistake of not knowing where to reach their audience, don’t make the same mistake and investigate your target audience. Make sure you know where they share their opinions, when they watch their news, what’s going on in their lives.

Step 2: Get noticed

The second step to become the number one company in your customers mind online is to get noticed. No company can be popular without being known. In the first step you made sure that you know where to find your audience, now make sure that they know where to find you! Make sure they notice that you’re there! Join their favourite networks and join their important discussions.

Step 3: Stay visible/active

After you get noticed, it’s important to stay visible. To differentiate yourself from all the other companies, you should constantly be active. Big news for your target audience? Make sure you’re the one to share it to them. Interesting online event coming up for your audience? Participate!

You’ve got to make sure that you always stay in line of sight of your audience, otherwise there are 100’s of other companies that would love to take your place in just a few moments.

Step 4: Be reactive

The most important step of webcare is being reactive. You can’t just wait for people to come to you, you should be the one to reach out to your audience. React to their opinions about relevant news, help them with the problems they share online and make sure they appreciate your presents.

But when you’re visible online, there will always be people that think badly about your company. Make sure to respond seriously to their complaints and look for an appropriate solution for their problems. A few complaints that aren’t taken seriously can be deadly to your companies popularity, even if you think they aren’t that important on first sight. It’s better to prevent than to fix these dangerous situations.

Besides the fact that it could be dangerous to ignore online complaints, it’s also a missed chance. If you succeed to convert people’s complaints into successfully fixed problems, than people will even like you more. They feel taken seriously and will share their success stories with their friends. Just a little effort for a lot of positive response, isn’t that something every company should want to have?

Royal Dutch Airlines, webcare kings

One of the many companies that know how to use webcare as their weapon is the Royal Dutch Airlines. (@KLM on twitter) This company has a big webcare team that provides everything their audience asks for, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 14 languages. They know exactly what to share, what to say and how to respond. If you want to learn how to become a webcare king, they are definitely a good teacher.

Don’t wait any longer and become a webcare king yourself!