How To Optimize Your Website For Multiple Keywords?

How To Optimize Your Website For Multiple Keywords?

A question that we get almost every day as your personal optimization specialist is; “How to optimize your website for multiple keywords?”. Actually this is a really good question, because of course you don’t just want to rank high on one keyword in Google. Of course, before you can start optimizing for mutliple keywords, you should choose these keywords. Depending on which keywords you choose, you should also choose your way of optimizing. Sometimes it’s better to optimize for one keyword per page, but it’s also possible to optimize one page for multiple keywords!

Choose your keywords and optimization strategy

We’d also recommend you to read our previous article: “How to choose the best keywords for SEO copywriting?“, which could help you to choose the best keywords for you. This article tells you exactly what to think about while choosing your keywords;

  • Look for valuable personal keywords for higher results
  • Don’t get influenced too much by the highest search volume rates
  • Choose multiple synonyms for better results

If you’ve chosen your keywords, it’s time to choose your optimization strategy. We’re going to tell you exactly why you should choose which strategy and how to use this strategy to become a success in the search engines and how to rock multiple keywords. Most of the times the best strategy is to combine the two following ways of optimizing.

One keyword per page to optimize your website

The first possible tactic is to optimize your website for one keyword per page. This is a good choice if you want to be sure that your page is fully optimized for one keyword. It’s a fact that if you want to 100% optimize your page, the best way to do this is to target just one keyword. So when you’ve got to deal with highly-competitive keywords, it’s probably more effective than using multiple keywords for one page.

For example, it’s really hard to give multiple keywords an equal amount of density on your page and you’ve got a chance that you won’t optimize on a specific keyword as much as you need to, to rank higher. This way you’ll end up ranking on multiple keywords, but you won’t get in the top 10 as easily. This might be very ineffective  and you won’t get as much traffic as you want!

So, when and why should you choose to optimize with one keyword per page?

  • If you’re dealing with a highly-competitive keyword
  • If your keywords are very different from each other and not that easy to combine
  • If you feel like it would be more effective in the rankings to focus your content on one keyword
  • If you have a lot to write about this one subject/keyword which is also very useful for your audience


Multiple combined keywords per page optimization

You can also choose to optimize your page for multiple keywords. This tactic might be very effective if you’ve got very much target keywords, which you can split up in multiple small groups or cohesive keywords. Like we said before, it can be hard to optimize for multiple keywords on one page. That’s why it’s very important to choose keywords that are very easy to combine and you should always have one keyword that’s the most important one and the center of your optimization. This way you can prevent that you don’t optimize at all.

Quicksprout has a very usefull video about how to optimize a page for multiple keywords, so if this is something that you would like to use, you should definitely check out this video! They’re giving you a bit more of a background about multiple keyword optimization:

“In this video you’ll learn when it makes sense to target more than one keyword per page and how to tackle this tricky optimization process, step-by-step.”

When should you choose to optimize for multiple keywords per page?

  • If you’ve got a lot of target keywords that you can split up in small groups that are cohesive with each other
  • If your target keywords have lower competition rates
  • If your keywords can strengthen each other because your content becomes more relevant


Keyword tool? Textmetrics? Google keyword tool?

There are a lot of tools on the internet that can help you to do keyword research and to optimize your website. Depending on your optimization tactic, there are different tools that you could use. For example, if you want to optimize your page for just one keyword, it’s very easy to use Textmetrics to choose your keyword and to optimize your content directly for this specific keyword. This way you know for sure that your page is 100% optimized. You can start your free trial today!

If you want to optimize your page for multiple keywords, this is something you could also do with Textmetrics, combined with the Google keyword tool. Do some very good keyword research and cluster your keywords in multiple small groups. This is when the Google keyword tool comes in very handy.

Like you can see in the Quicksprout video, you should use the keyword tool see if there are any other low search volume keywords that are closely related to your targeted keywords. It’s important that you choose keywords that have the same mindset as you have in mind for your content. After you’ve made a small list of related keywords, you could use them as input for Textmetrics. This way you’ll be able to optimize your content 100% on your most important keyword and at the same time you’ll be able to optimize partially on the related ones.

We hope that this makes clear to you all how to optimize your website for multiple keywords. Make sure that you make the right choice and don’t try to optimize your page on too many keywords. Four cohesive keywords is really the maximum for one page, otherwise you won’t be able to optimize at all. Keep that in mind & good luck!

SEO for newbs

SEO for newbs

Nowadays it’s more of a must than a choice, using SEO on a daily base. Don’t you join this online revolution, you will feel it in your bad online results. But SEO isn’t that easy to control. Of course there are millions of tips posted online that will help you end up higher in the results of our most popular search engines, but then you still have a long way of work to go. We wrote a little article for all the Textmetrics loving SEO newbies. By reading this article we hope to get you one step closer to SEO success!

Don’t forget your biggest priority, your customers!

Because of the loads of SEO tips and tricks on the internet, lots of content creators forget what SEO is about. Reaching your target audience! Lots of views in the search engines is a very good first step to reach your audience, but it’s not the most important thing to achieve. The best way to reach your target audience in a nice way is to produce content that they love, like and share. The final goal isn’t just getting more views, but it’s to engage your customers to your brand, website and blog. People need to feel like they HAVE TO return to your content! Of course keywords are important, and it’s smart to optimize your web content, but a content creator should never forget his customers. That’s the first and maybe the most important tip that we have for you today!

Keywords, keywords, keywords

Now that we made our first point, we can continue with the technical stuff. Probably you’re already expecting the next point, even if you just know really a little bit about SEO, keywords! It’s really important for you as a content creator to think about and to choose the best keywords for your pages. Luckily for you, you’re now on the blog page of Textmetrics, the tool that helps you to make your own, simple keyword list. You can try it out yourself by making a free account here! Do you want to know more about choosing the best keywords? We have found another article for the most fanatic newbies!

Update your content

Customers love nice, fun, new and interesting content. Maybe it’s a bit logical, but some business owners appear to forget this fact. Followers become followers of your business because you give them trust, interest and the constant trigger of new and fun articles. So, just a simple question: “How to get followers?” Just make sure to update your website, make new pages with new content. No-one likes to read 10 times the same content, so start producing original content! And there is more, by following this tip you will get an extra advantage on Google. They like to rate active websites higher in their search results!


Linkbuilding is definitely as important as optimizing your own web content. By getting links from other sites to your website you will get more and more popular in the search engines. It works exactly the same as in real life, if your best friend tells you that you NEED TO try that new cocktail, then you’ll believe that the cocktail is delicious! And that’s exactly the way Google ‘thinks’. Do you want to know how to reach the best results by using linkbuilding? Read this article!

Please feel free to leave your own tips for our (co-)newbies!