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Vattenfall rewrote their email and website content at a high standard easily using Textmetrics technology.

By using Textmetrics technology, Vattenfall is able to have and maintain consistent and high quality content.
And with the help of our algorithms, Vattenfall managed to fulfill performance goals set jointly in the company.

“Because you can always check your content with Textmetrics, you can immediately see the results you have achieved. That gives you a kick!”

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Nationale-Nederlanden increased their readability easily to the B1 level using Textmetrics technology.

By using Textmetrics technology, Nationale-Nederlanden is able to have 20 content specialist easily collaborate without losing the same tone of voice. And with the help of our algorithms, Nationale-Nederlanden managed to drastically increase their website’s readability.

“Textmetrics helps us write a good piece of quality content more quickly. Content that everyone can read and understand.”

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Increasing diversity and inclusion with Textmetrics

Textmetrics coaches all recruiters with augmented writing, making sure they meet inclusion and diversity standards necessary to reach their goals.

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Randstad increased their conversions by double digits using Textmetrics technology.

By putting communication quality at the center of their strategy, Randstad substantially increased their online success.

Randstad is operating in a market that is changing rapidly. Not only is there a shortage of qualified personnel, but people also look for other things in a job than they did in the past.

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Werkspot uses Textmetrics to increase service requests and content creation efficiency.

By re-writing their content with the help of our algorithms, Werkspot/Instapro managed to drastically increase their website’s traffic by 146%.

“All metrics increased when we started working with Textmetrics.”

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Accenture uses Textmetrics to increase their conversions for corporate communications and for job openings.

Textmetrics helped translate Accenture’s corporate identity and goals into algorithms.

As a result, the Textmetrics editor is now able to assist the corporate marketeers and recruiters to get the best-quality content and job listings for their target audience.

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