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Vattenfall uses Textmetrics to rewrite and improve content

At Vattenfall, 2021 was the year that content specialists from different departments started using Textmetrics’ platform intensively. In that year, a large-scale content project was planned: the rewriting of the most important web pages. And to make sure that the most frequently sent e-mails and letters are in the Vattenfall tone of voice. So-called building blocks were also rewritten. These are blocks of content that customer service staff use to compose an email to customers.

Because you can always check your content with Textmetrics, you can immediately see the results you have achieved. That gives you a kick!

It was agreed that rewritten texts had to score at least a 7.0 on the Textmetrics content quality standard. Textmetrics made it possible to continuously check the content during the rewriting process. By implementing the suggested improvements of the platform, the score immediately went up again. The suggested improvements are clear and easy to read. This adds to the ease of improving content.

In consultation with Vattenfall, the Textmetrics platform was designed entirely according to their wishes. First of all, they wanted to add Vattenfall’s core values. In addition, the content specialists wanted to be able to switch between you (formal: U) and you (informal: jij) in Dutch. In personal mails they use you (formal), but on the website and in the Energie app they choose you (informal).

Textmetrics is a real added value for us. Not just the platform, but also the pleasant cooperation with the people at Textmetrics. They are always willing to help and think proactively with you. They always look for a suitable solution.

Vattenfall’s content specialists like the use of Textmetrics. So well, in fact, that they raised the Textmetrics content quality standard for 2022 from a 7.0 to a 7.5. In addition, 2022 is the year of search engine optimization. At Vattenfall, there are reports for each department to provide insight into content quality. This applies to all content specialists. This indicates whether the content meets the average set standards and highlights the underperforming pages. By setting joint targets, Vattenfall expects the use of Textmetrics to increase further.


Their problem

  • A large group of specialists all had to write in the same tone of voice
  • A large amount of content had to be rewritten



  • 7.0 content rating
  • Faster content rewriting process
  • Cross-department collaboration

“SEO and Content suggestions perfectly combined in one software. Textmetrics Harmonizes all our content from every writer into one seamless and melodious tone of voice.”

Astrid de Graaf

Content Manager Service Communication

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