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See how Werkspot/Instapro increased traffic, conversions and productivity with help of Textmetrics

With the assistance of our algorithms, Werkspot/Instapro achieved a significant 146% increase in their website’s traffic by rewriting their content.

Textmetrics stays up-to-date with the rapidly changing rules for Search Engine Optimization, which can significantly impact the SEO scores of web pages within a matter of days. By utilizing our algorithms to re-write their content accordingly, Werkspot/Instapro was able to increase their website traffic by an impressive 146%.

More traffic only converts to more leads if the content quality score is high enough!

Werkspot and Instapro attribute a significant portion of their growth to Textmetrics. By improving their content quality score through the help of our platform, their written communication became highly effective in resonating with their target audience, resulting in a significant increase in conversions.

Werkspot/Instapro and Textmetrics decided to work together.

HomeAdvisor International is currently using Textmetrics for all three countries (France, The Netherlands and Italy).

“When we decide to go to additional countries, we will definitely use Textmetrics as part of the process.”


Their problem

  • How to keep up with the rapidly changing SEO rules



  • A 146% increase in website traffic
  • A 68% conversion rate increase
  • Publishing content 3x faster than before

“All metrics increased when we started working with Textmetrics”

Kris Boon

Chief Product & Technology Officer

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