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Discover how Arcadis drives diversity and inclusion with Textmetrics

Arcadis was able to attract 10% more female candidates by using inclusive language in their job postings.

Arcadis is a company with a technical focus, which can often result in a male-dominated work environment.

“Our job postings lacked consistency and inclusive language.”

Two of the challenges we had was how to write inclusive language to attract more female candidates and how to make sure all the job postings had the same user experience.

At Arcadis, we embarked on a challenging project centered around diversity and inclusion. How can we effectively tackle this complex subject?

We were introduced to Textmetrics through Accenture, who is also a customer of Textmetrics “

Textmetrics provides augmented writing coaching to all recruiters, ensuring that they meet the necessary inclusion and diversity standards to achieve their goals.

Arcadis is currently using Textmetrics within the HR department.


Their problem

  • A low number of female candidates due to a male-dominated work environment
  • Female tech-oriented candidates were especially hard to find
  • Unsure how to tackle diversity and inclusion in their texts




  • A 10% increase in female job candidates, achieved by using inclusive language
  • 4% higher conversion of female applicants
  • 95% SEO quality

“Textmetrics enables my recruiters to write for our specific target audiences. Not only can we write job listings that lead to a more diverse pool of candidates, but we can also make sure the look and feel of the listings is consistent throughout our organization. We managed to kill two birds with one stone.”

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