Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
January 6, 2022

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What is DEIB?

You seem to be a smart one. You probably know a thing or two about diversity and inclusion, but have you heard about DEIB yet? DEIB is short for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. In the workplace, diversity and inclusion is becoming more and more important. Your company probably has ambitious diversity and inclusion goals. Our compliments for that! DEIB adds two more dimensions to your D&I goals. Curious to know what DEIB means for the workplace? We’ll tell you all about it. Let’s go!
All you need to know about DEIB
Mark our words: DEIB is a term you’ll be hearing more about in the months and years to come. Do you want to discover what it means for the workplace? Then let’s have a look at what it’s short for:



When it comes to diversity, we often focus on race and gender. But the definition of what diversity is, in reality, is much broader. It’s about the complete range of human differences. This can also be related to ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class, age and religion. Take notes! At work, people from all these different backgrounds should feel welcome. The focus should not only be on bringing women and people of different races into the workplace, because true diversity is so much more.



Equity has everything to do with people being heard. International research shows that 86% of employees feel people are not heard equally. Equity says that everyone should have fair and impartial opportunities in an organization. Equality can only be restored if the unheard voices can be identified. Let’s be aware of this. Give silence a voice!



Inclusion means creating an environment where all individuals feel welcome, supported and valued. That sounds similar to diversity, but there is a difference. Diversity is inviting everyone to the party while inclusion is being asked to dance at the party. Being a diverse workplace is great, but people should feel included as well. Let’s dance!



Belonging is a sense of relatedness connected to a positive relationship within a group or organization. It’s the last piece of the DEIB puzzle and it can only be achieved when you’re doing D, E and I right. A true sense of belonging lets people know that whatever makes them diverse is welcomed and celebrated.


Textmetrics and DEIB

At Textmetrics, we offer you a platform to reach your D&I goals. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that empower you to improve all written communication. You can use it for writing inclusive job descriptions that appeal to everyone in your target group, a great asset for the hiring process. After all, becoming more diverse starts with hiring people from different backgrounds. Beyond this, it’s also great for all other written communication. DEIB needs to be implemented throughout the entire organization. Let’s get back to work now!
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