September 6, 2018

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Textmetrics update

We update Textmetrics regularly to add new features and improve existing ones. Does a feature in Textmetrics looks different from the last time you used it? In our release notes you’ll find a high-level overview of what we’ve done in each update. In this short blog I’ll give you a quick overview of the main updates we did in the past months. If you have any suggestions and idea’s, don’t hesitate to share them with us at Thank you!


A new cool feature is added to the content quality analysis: wordlists. You can set up 3 types of word lists: blacklists, mandatory lists and whitelists. You can create and manage these lists on the Wordlists tab on the My Account Page. A blacklist contains the words that may not be used in your text. Eg. to make sure that you avoid specific jargon. The mandatory list contains the words that must appear in your text. You can use a must-have list to make sure you address mandatory topics. The whitelist contains the words that will be ignored in the analysis. In some cases you can’t avoid using certain words but don’t want them to influence the checks and scores. Check our knowledgebase for more information about the wordlists.

Smart Keyword Technology

When optimizing a text for a keyword or keyword phrase, it’s important that you actually make sure that these words are properly used in your content. Textmetrics of course helps you with that, with the realtime SEO suggestions. So far, Textmetrics was quite strict in evaluating your content on this; your keyword / phrase had to be used in the exact way. In some cases this restricted the freedom of writing the text and invoked unnatural phrases.

Recently we have added the Smart Keyword Technology (SKT). This will give the writer more freedom in using variations of the keyword/phrase. Textmetrics looks “smarter” at the keywords used in the text and if they match the keyword that you set up. This includes singular / plural, ignoring stop words and more freedom in the order of words when using a keyword phrase. To give you an example: bicycle and bicycles can now be both used and will be considered a keyword match.

Project settings

Projects and Team projects are now merged into one integrated Projects list. Besides that editing  Team projects has been made easier. You don’t have to follow the whole team project process anymore, but instead you can directly change project settings and/or manage teammembers. The projects and page lists have a new and improved design.

Various updates in Textmetrics

  • Notifications, eg. page saved, keyword set, etc, now appear in top middle of page so they don’t block important actions anymore.
  • Improved language detection for Content Quality analysis.
  • Updates of the Word, WordPress and Craft plugin including support for the content analysis
  • Update of Drupal 7 plugin to support content analysis and support for server environments running proxies
  • GDPR Stuff e.g. you can download your personal info that is stored in your Textmetrics account simply from your Account page. And we made changes in our backend lick anonymize data and a delete option to delete all personal information on request.

New user interface

We worked very hard on a new interface which gives you an even better experience of creating content! In the past years we have been adding a lot of functionality to Textmetrics. The time came to declutter the users interface and reorganize where you can access all functionalities on the editor page. We made a lot of preparations to completely switch to the new user interface in a couple of weeks.

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