What’s new in Textmetrics?

Does a feature in Textmetrics look different from the last time you used it? We update Textmetrics regularly to add new features and improve existing ones. Here’s a high-level overview of what we’ve done in each update.

16 November 2019 release

  • Smart white/black/mandatory words lists: we’ve added a little touch of AI to the whitelist/blacklist/mandatory words list feature – the system will now try to match all kinds of variations of the words on your lists, like singular/plural and past/present tense.
  • Tone-of-voice suggestions: extended the content quality analysis rules to allow for customer specific tone-of-voice / branding analysis (available for Enterprise plans).
  • Team / collaboration: you can now assign the teamleader role to multiple people in your team – allowing them eg. to manage users in your team, access to project, etc.
  • Several small tweaks and bugfixes, eg. increased frequency of updating keyword data for Content Ranking Index, added new spellcheck rules, fixed export page issue with incomplete profile info, added option to ignore parts of content for analysis

21 October 2019 release

  • Drupal 8 plugin. We have released our Drupal 8 plugin.
  • Sitecrawler: brand new functionality to analyze complete websites. Sitecrawler is using our innovative and advanced crawling technologies with real user browsing experience, allowing to read all content on a page (also for sites using eg. Angular, React). Only available with our Enterprise plans.
  • Topic Analysis: improved concept extraction by adding newly trained part-of-speech tagging modules.
  • Improved the functionality to extract a keyword(phrase) from a page: added more language knowledge to set a keyword, used eg. when importing a page and setting the initial keyword and for the Sitetracker functionality.
  • Added option to give team members restricted menu options and less options in the editor (clean UI)
  • Created PowerBI integration to allow for custom dashboards and reports (Enterprise plans)
  • Extended Competition checker to allow for restricting results to a specific subdomain
  • Several tweaks, improvements and bugfixes. Eg. in some cases the markup toolbar was scrolling out of view, link in email to stop weekly CRI updates did not work, in some cases complex sentences were not (all) highlighted in text.

23 September 2019 release

  • Google docs add-in: added highlighting. In our Google docs add-in you can now also highlight words / sentences from the suggestions, so you can easily see where to make changes in your content.
  • Topic Analysis: several improvements, eg. we are now using our brand new Part of Speech tagger in topic analysis, eg. to filter out non relevant words. Next to that we have implemented a completely new strategy in our topic analysis which brings better results. Under the hood we have prepared some more improvements which we will be adding over the coming weeks. If you’d like to get access to Topic Analysis, please contact our support team via chat or mail (support@textmetrics.com).
  • Updates of WordPress and Episerver plugins. Currently under development is our Drupal 8 plugin; we plan to release this in October.
  • Keyword extraction service: we’ve created a new smart method for extracting keywords / concepts from existing content. This is used eg. when importing a page to set the initial keyword and when setting up Sitetrackers to automatically detect a keyword for a page.
  • Several tweaks, improvements and bugfixes. Eg. in some cases changes in your page description were not “seen” by the realtime SEO analysis (fixed), the keyword density analysis is now better filtering stop/common words, in some cases the SEO suggestions were off when using a . (dot) in your keyword (fixed), “formatted word” is now supported in the project/bulk export

26 August 2019 release

  • Word add-in: added highlighting. In our Word add-in you can now also highlight words / sentences from the suggestions. To make sure you have the latest version of the add-in, please reload/refresh the add-in. It should say v2019.08.26 at the bottom
  • Improved highlighting : in some cases when highlighting the suggestions from “passive voice” check and spellcheck, all occurences of these words were highlighted.
  • Options to exclude parts of text from the analysis and from export : you can now mark parts of your content which you want to exclude from the content analysis or want to exclude when exporting the content. More info here
  • Updates of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Google Docs, Episerver and Sitecore plugins : they are now all in the new Textmetrics style and include small bugfixes as well.
  • For the Word add-in you can now create templates that will allow you to mark parts of the text to be used as title, description, keyword and mark text that should be excluded from analysis and/or from uploading to your Textmetrics account. For more information about this, please contact our support team.
  • We have merged the knowledgebase in the application with the FAQ’s on the public site. They are now all in one place: www.textmetrics.com/knowledgebase
  • Several tweaks, improvements and bugfixes, eg. in the pagelist you will now also see the projectname for each page, when you have a list of word suggestions opened for one of the rules, opening another list will not close the first one, CRI PDF export contained some formatting issues in specific cases, supporting keywords area was too small when using longer phrases, in the Word add-in you can now set up more than 3 supporting keywords, marking text with H3/H4/H5/H6 made the cursor jump to a different location in the document, the supporting keywords are now marked in bold and with a checkbox when they are used in the content.

9 July 2019 release

  • B1 / advanced readability module now supports French and Portugese (including Brazilian Portugese).
  • Several bug fixes and small changes.

1 July 2019 release

  • Rebranding webtexttool to Textmetrics. Read more about it.
  • B1 / advanced readability module now supports Polish.
  • Competition checker revised: added new data sources and logic to determine competitor sites and their keywords.
  • In the weekly updates mails for the Content Ranking Index and Sitetrackers you will now find the scores of the previous reports and details of your competitors for a better overview.
  • Topic analysis: now you can set a specific location (city/region) for the analysis. And fixed a bug that dynamic SEO settings were not always applied directly when creating a new page. Topic Analysis is an early access feature [on request]
  • Several bug fixes and small changes: eg. when creating a team project it’s no longer needed to add at least one page in the setup process, from the top navbar you can now create a new page from file import, speed improvements when running content quality analysis

6 June 2019 release

  • B1 / advanced readability module now supports Spanish.
  • Added several country/language combinations for keyword analysis, pagetrackers, content ranking index and sitetracker. Now you can eg. select Canada-French, Belgium-French, USA-Spanish. See how this works.
  • You can now search / filter the list of pages in a project with the search box.
  • Highlighting and inline suggestions for Title and Description are now also supported (in the new content editor)
  • Extended dynamic SEO suggestions based on deep analysis of top ranking pages – part of Topic Analysis feature [early access on request]
  • Several bug fixes and small changes: re-importing a page when using the old editor did not update the content, improved spellchecker, whitelist words are now also applied to the outdated/formal words check, extended Word add-in with the option to select customer specific templates (Enterprise plan), updated PDF generator (invoices, report / page exports), on dashboard the projectname is now shown in the pageslist.
  • Sitecore plugin: use webtexttool directly in your Sitecore CMS

16 May 2019 release

  • New: option to notify teammembers when you have made changes to your page. See how this works.
  • New: option to receive notifications when new comments are added to a page. For this the commenting option has also been added in the right sidebar. See how this works.
  • Extended options for custom templates and dynamic rules (for Enterprise customers)
  • Added spelling / style / grammar checks : the new spellcheck rule is part of the content analysis in the readability section. See how this works. Note: webtexttool also considers the selected google domain (when setting up the keyword for the page) to determine which language should be analysed (eg. for British vs American English).
  • Episerver CMS plugin : our new plugin for Episerver is ready. Contact support for more info.
  • You can now edit the settings of an active pagetracker (eg. keyword, country/domain).
  • In new content editor: you can now set properties of an image: alt text, width/heigth, alignment
  • In new content editor: in the markup toolbar you now have the option to view the html
  • The team project creation / edit flow has been redesigned to comply with rest of the application
  • Several bug fixes and small changes: in the synonyms tool you can now select up to 20 supporting keywords to use with your document, for synonyms tool support for Google Colombia has been added, solved issue which caused application to freeze in specific cases when highlighting keywords in text, solved issue: restoring from version history list did not always work in the new content editor, solved issue: in new content editor in some cases headings were not recognized if they contained additional style classes

9 April 2019 release

  • Set specific location for Pagetracker / Content Ranking Index / Site Tracker : you can now set a specific location for a PT / CRI / ST. This way you can run the analysis / rank for a specific city. See how this works.
  • Topic Analysis (early access release): will allow you to analyze top 20 competing pages and extract significant concepts and phrases from that content to use in your own content. Based on WDF*IDF analysis and machine learning algorithms.
  • Supporting keywords extended : now you can use up to 20 supporting keyword(phrase)s and the SEO analysis and suggestions will also show you which words are (not yet) used. When combined with the new Topic Analysis it will also check the frequency of those words to be used.
  • Keyword density: various improvements, eg. to better recognize amounts and numbers in a text.
  • Wordlists can now contain up to 1000 words each.
  • New notification system: added a new way of notifying you when time consuming tasks are finished, eg. when running a Topic Analysis. We will move more of these notifications to the new notification center. This can be found on top of the page.
  • Editor : when clicking on the projectname, you will now be directed to the pagelist of that project.
  • Several bug fixes and small changes: when creating new reports the list of pages in a project was not always shown, fixed issue when exporting to Word when the title contained special characters, Right-to-left mode is now a setting in My Account (not just on page level), fixed an issue which sometimes would show a notice that a newer version of your page is available, extended the graph in Content Ranking Index report to show past 18 weeks, extended the number of words per wordlist to 1000, the selected way of sorting lists is now remembered (for pages, pagetrackers, CRI, ST).

11 March 2019 release

  • Projects: from now on pagetrackers, content ranking indexes and sitetrackers will be connected to one of your projects. This makes sharing and visibility management easier and simpler within the tool.
    Anyone with access to a project will be able to see its corresponding pagetrackers CRI’s and sitetrackers. In order to make this change more valuable, we also added a few tabs to your project view, showing all related trackers and indexes for that particular project. Moving items from one folder to another is easy, just select the items you would like to move, select their destination folder and click move, after a short confirmation dialog you will be able to move your items from A to B. All existing trackers/indexes are assigned to the user’s default project (“emailaddress’s pages”).
  • Editor: added support for Right-to-Left (RTL) languages. On page settings you can now switch.
  • Added new countries / domains : google.tt and google.com.co
  • Keyword density: improved version to support more languages and faster
  • Disabled the old ui: the v1 version of Textmetrics, the old user interface, is no longer available. Users will be redirected automatically to the new version.
  • Passive voice check: improved highlighting of passive sentences in the text
  • Several bugfixes and changes: solved issue with specific Portugese text, option to sort pages on SEO and CQ scores, enabled browser native spellcheck, fixed issue with passive voice detection, when re-importing a page a progress indicator is shown now, whitelisted words are applied to all content quality checks now, in WordPress plugin extended time that user will stay logged in, increased maximum article size, fixed bug that in some cases the tour would not start, added option to move pages to another project from the pagelist(s), in Word export the linebreaks are now preserved to make the html more “readable”, fixed issue with exporting to Word when there was special characters in the title/li>
  • Updated versions Outlook add-in and Word add-on to fix some issues and improve UI


19 February 2019 release

  • Small release
  • Pagelist: you can now sort on SEO and Content Quality score.
  • Spellcheck: enabled browser native spellcheck
  • Word add-on updated: improved UI for displaying title / description / keyword area
  • Bugfix: when using beta content editor, in some rare cases content could be overwritten (fixed)
  • Bugfix: in some cases keywords were not detected for Portugese content

11 February 2019 release

  • Added new countries / domains : google.by, google.kz and google.lu
  • Wordlists: you can now create wordlists on account (team) level. These will work for all pages in your account / team. You can also make wordlists on projectlevel. On a pagelevel, these will be combined with the accountlevel wordlists. We removed the option to have specific wordlists per page.
  • Content Quality analysis: added overall sentiment score for Danish, German, Russian, Swedish.
  • Added account level setting to make new content editor the default editor
  • Several bugfixes and small changes: specific cases where a keyword in the title was not detected, SEO score delayed updating after changes in content, missing rank value in pagetracker graph, keyword density tool not showing results when no title/description was set, change color of “negative” words to red (sentiment analysis), content in tablecells was sometimes seen as a long sentence
  • Update of WordPress plugin
  • Updated versions of Word and Outlook add-in (waiting for review/approval by Microsoft)

31 January 2019 release

  • Added option for bulk import of Word / html / text file / markdown files / URLs : allows you to import multiple files / URL’s at once.
  • Added Finnish, Norwegian and Polish to the supporting keywords / synonym suggstion functionality
  • Added Google.dz (Algeria) for keyword anlysis, pagetrackers, content ranking index
  • Several small bugfixes and UI tweaks

15 January 2019 release

  • NEW: Google Docs add-on.Use SEO and content analysis and suggestions in Google Docs! The add-on is currently under review by Google. Once it’s released we’ll share more info on how to install and use it.
  • Export & import improvements
    Excel export: added option to export data & eports to Excel files, eg. for keyword data, content ranking index report, pagetracker reports, sitetracker reports, etc. For content ranking and sitetracker reports, this means that you will get all data in 1 excel file on separate excel tabs.
    Import content: added options to upload / import Wordfile, text in markdown format, import text/html files.
  • Word add-in updated
  • Bugs / tweaks / small changes
    Select multiple pages and perform actions. From the list of pages (all pages and in projects) you can now select multiple pages and perform actions to all of them, eg. deleting, duplicating, moving to another project.
    New editor (you can switch to the new editor on the page settings tab) improvements: markup toolbar is now sticky, toolbar is cleaned / added frequently used markup option (like headings), changed “insert image” to inserting link to image instead of image itself
    Several other small tweaks and bugfixes

17 December 2018 release

  • NEW: Outlook add-in. Use content analysis and suggestions for emails!
  • Content Ranking Index: improved the Index score calculation; good positions for low volume keywords are valued higher than before. Next to that the maximum number of keywords per CRI is increased to 50.
  • Wordlists: creating, changing, assigning, deleting of wordlists is now enabled for all teammembers, not just the teamleader.
  • Drupal 7 module update: showing word / sentence suggestions in Textmetrics sidebar
  • Word add-in update: added advanced language analysis and suggestions
  • NEW: Craft 3 plugin released.
  • NEW: Umbraco CMS plugin released.
  • Craft 2 plugin update: showing word / sentence suggestions in Textmetrics sidebar
  • Word add-in update: UI optimizations, content and SEO analysis now via separate buttons
  • Sitetracker reports enhanced: reading level, tone of voice, sentiment, reading time, etc. are now also included in the overall scores and on pagelevel report.
  • Bugs / tweaks / small changes
    Sitetracker list: you can now sort the list of ST’s in several ways, eg. last updated, highest score, etc.
    Pagetracker list: you can now filter the pagetrackers in the list and added some new sorting options
    CRI list: you can now sort the list of CRI’s in several ways, eg. last updated, highest score, etc.
    beta editor: added keyword / word / char counters for Title and Description
    beta editor: SEO body suggestions are now automatically opening when moving to body content
    CRI/ST: the keyword input field now also accepts pasting word(phrase)s separated by linebreaks and semicolons.
    improved loading page version history lists / retrieving previous versions
    fixed: in beta editor in some cases html code for marking words was stored- improved “end of sentence” detection for content analysis
    fixed: in specific cases Content Ranking Index was not updated on a weekly basis
    notification for users with IE11 that browser is not fully supported
    improved: in export of docs, the content score is now included

26 November 2018 release

  • NEW: added new SERP result types. Now you can also see the type of SERP result; like “organic”, “answer box”, “knowledge graph”, “local pack”, “images”, “video”, etc. This is also included in the details of all SERP results.
  • NEW: Italian is added to the advanced language analysis.
  • Pagetracker: you can now trigger an update of the pagetracker (once per day).
  • Performance updates to speed up SEO suggestions and Content analysis
  • Word add-in update: added advanced language analysis and suggestions
  • WordPress and Craft plugins update: added advanced language analysis and suggestions, bug fixes
  • Fixed some bugs, eg. issues with disappearing top navigation bar in the editor and more

12 November 2018 release

  • Word add-in update: UI changes to create more space for the suggestions and added the complex sentences, passive voice, long sentences, difficult words, tone-of-voice and sentiment output in the sidebar so you can directly see what words / sentences to work on.
  • SEO suggestions: added logic in algorithms to treat cases where main keyword and supporting keywords (synonyms) are almost the same words.
  • Sitetracker: now you can export to PDF and csv
  • SEO suggestion: performance improvements.
  • Fixed some bugs, ao. password reset link could end up in loop to login page, top navbar not visible in specific cases, tone-of-voice (gender) suggestions not visible in sidebar.

3 November 2018 release

  • NEW: Content suggestion module To help you get started with Textmetrics, we have added this wizard to suggest content to work on. You can start this wizard by clicking the button in the sidebar on the dashboard. Enter your domain and select 1 or multiple pages. You can then import these pages into a project, create pagetrackers for them and start optimizing the content!
  • NEW: new editor with inline suggestions and highlighting: We have added a new editor which you can select when editing a page. With the new editor we can do much better highlighting of words and sentences in the content and also do inline suggestions for replacing words; so you can see exactly where and what to change. The editor is in beta stage. This new editor does not have HTML source mode (it’s a “content editor” not an HTML editor). Because it’s a “content” editor, some more advanced HTML markup will be removed when working on a page – which is on purpose, the idea is to work on the content not on html/css. This might mean that some layout things are lost when using the new editor (but we save the original and you can always switch back to the old editor). Would be great to hear your feedback on this!
    Here you can see how to switch to the new editor and back.
  • Content suggestions moved to right sidebar: When we detect difficult words, difficult sentences, etc. these are now shown in the suggestions sidebar itself, instead of opening a special sidebar on the left (which covered the editor and made it almost impossible to make changes in the text). “Long sentences” are also reported / marked now.
  • Smart Keyword enabled by default. On page level you can disable smart keyword (page settings).
  • Sitetracker: now supports weekly updates. You can select 1 or multiple teammembers who should receive weekly updates, just like with CRI (from Settings)
  • SEO suggestions & Smart Keyword: using characters like : and , were causing some issues when detecting the keywords in text. Now it will recoginize all combinations (kw with/without these chars will match with text with/without these chars)
  • WordPress and Craft plugins updated to work with the new a1-c2 / advanced language module.
  • A lot of smaller bugs and tweaks.

15 October 2018 release

  • NEW: Language level module With this new innovative module, you can make sure that your content is on the right language level for your audience. It follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In short: the CEFR organises language proficiency in six levels, A1 to C2, which can be regrouped into three broad levels: Basic User, Independent User and Proficient. B1 level is important because a very broad part of the public will be able to read and understand it. This fall there is also European legislation coming in place that requires all official communications from governments and government-related organizations to be on B1 level. Feel free to get in touch for more information.
  • NEW: gender analysis: you now get suggestions for alternative words with the gender analysis; so you can see synonyms to replace words (eg. from male to female, female to neutral, etc).
  • NEW: keyword density analysis: with this new feature you can analyze the keyword density in your content. It will look at keyword(phrase)s of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 words. Of course, we filter out common (stop)words. More info on the keyword density feature can be found here.
  • Update of our Word add-in : added some new features like the option to select the SEO ruleset, option to set the title as H1/header, autosaving to your Textmetrics account when saving via Word, option to select in which project to store the page, some additional help texts and fixed some bugs
  • Autosave v2.0 : we have rebuilt the autosave functionality to help prevent loss of data especially on bad/slow internet connections. In the bottom status bar, you can now also see the last (auto)save date & time.
  • Drupal plugin update: fixed some bugs, added support for page URL analysis.
  • Pagetracker: details are now shown in a separate page and the page trackers overview is redesigned.
  • Projects: you can now export all pages in a project as PDF’s
  • Pagelist: you can now duplicate a page directly from the pagelist.
  • Editor: editing keyword is improved
  • A lot of smaller bugs and tweaks.

24 September 2018 release

  • NEW: Sitetracker. The all new Sitetracker feature enables you to easily monitor a big set of pages on SEO score, Content Quality and Google rankings. It allows you to set target scores, analyse and report on overall scores and details for all pages. Sitetracker is available in our Enterprise plan. Feel free to get in touch for more information.
  • Update of our Word add-in : this new version makes it even easier to do SEO and Content optimization directly in Word. (note: if you have the old version installed, please uninstall this version first and then install the updated version.)
  • WordPress plugin update: support for WordPress 5 (Gutenberg editor)
  • Drupal plugin update: added support to choose SEO rulesets and set up supporting keywords / synonyms.
  • The new design is now the default user interface. With the option in the top navigation bar you can switch back to the old version (but: this version will only have bug fixes)
  • Projects and Team projects are now merged into 1 list of projects
  • Smart Keyword Technology: improvements to matching keywords when you are using keyword phrases.
  • Content Ranking Index: new trend graph and table with a summary of top positions were added to the report
  • A lot of smaller bugs and tweaks.

23 August 2018 release

  • Content quality: in target audience results you can now see the gender of words to help you determine which words to change. Same for sentiment analysis output you can see which words are positive, negative and neutral.
  • Projects and Team projects are now merged into one integrated Projects list. And editing Team projects has been made easier – you don’t have to follow the whole team project process anymore, but instead, you can directly change project settings and/or manage teammembers.
  • The projects and page lists have a new and improved design.
  • For content quality analysis we have added 3 types of word lists. You can now use blacklists, must-have lists and ignore lists. Black list: these words may not be used in your text (eg. to make sure that you avoid specific jargon). Must-have list: these words must appear in your text (eg. to make sure you address mandatory topics). Ignore list: words on these lists are ignored in the analysis (eg. in some cases you can’t avoid using certain words but which will trigger eg. the difficult words rules). You can create and manage these lists on the Word list tab on the My Account page. Once created you can assign lists to a project, and these lists will be used for all pages in that project. On page level you can override this and set specific lists.
  • Notifications, eg. page saved, keyword set, etc, now appear in the top middle of the page so they don’t block important actions anymore.
  • Several bugfixes and tweaks, like remembering the last used Google domain, Save keyword button was not always visible on lower resolution screens, improved language detection for Smart keyword and Content Quality analysis, several smaller UI changes.
  • Furthermore, we have made a lot of preparations to completely switch to the new user interface. In a couple of weeks, we will make the new user interface the default one. Some of the changes mentioned above are not implemented in the old user interface.

12 July 2018 release

  • Content quality: target sentiment level is set to positive by default
  • Bug fix: when importing a page, the title was sometimes ignored. This is now fixed.
  • Content quality extended sentiment and gender analysis
  • Smart Keyword technology: improved “smartness” when working with keyword phrases
  • Added new template for job descriptions
  • Several bugfixes, like unsubscribing for pagetracker and CRI updates sometimes gave an error / when creating a new page in team project, the page wouldn’t import / duplicating a running CRI was not possible and several other small tweaks and glitches fixed.

4 July 2018 release

  • Export: improved Mark down export, also for projects
  • Smart Keyword technology: improved “smartness” in recognizing and matching words.
  • Several bugs and small tweaks, eg. bug that caused issues loading resources in Safari

19 June 2018 release

  • Content quality: extended target audience analysis – you can now choose “neutral” as the desired level and Textmetrics will show you which words cause your content to be more male or female so you can make adjustments.
  • Content quality: sentiment analysis is extended and you can now select the desired level (negative, neutral, positive). Textmetrics will show you which words cause the sentiment so you can make adjustments to reach the desired level.
  • Content quality analysis now supports Russian language.
  • Updated Word, WordPress and Craft plugins – with bugfixes and support for the new content analysis items (target audience and sentiment)
  • Update of Drupal 7 plugin to support content analysis and support for server environments running proxies.
  • Beta release of Drupal 8 plugin (waiting for approval on Drupal.org – should be live by the beginning of July)
  • Option to duplicate / copy pagetrackers and content ranking index
  • On My Account page you can now download your personal data (for GDPR)
  • Solved bug in editor that caused loss of content in very specific cases
  • Enabled control-z / control-y in editor
  • Several UI tweaks and fixes in new Textmetrics user interface
  • Added support for Google Malta (keyword analysis, pagetrackers, content ranking index)

24 May 2018 release

  • Released update of Word add-in / plugin to support Content Quality analysis
  • Added Google.ee (Estonia)
  • GDPR stuff – from My Account page you can download your personal info that is stored in your Textmetrics account. And we made changes in our backend for GDPR, like anonymize data and a delete option to delete all personal information on request.
  • Fixed a bug causing inconsistent results returned for specific keyword analyses
  • Fixed a bug causing Auto save not to work (when keyword for page was not set)
  • Fixed a bug causing keyword history could not be loaded
  • Other small bugs and tweaks

11 May 2018 release

  • New: analysing content for use of Passive voice – available in Content module. Supporting English, German and Dutch
  • Added sentiment analysis in Content module
  • Several bugfixes and UI tweaks

26 April 2018 release

  • Extended Smart Keyword Technology with specific optimizations for additional languages (Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Portugese, Russian)
  • Content Ranking index : option make comparison reports
  • UI improvements based on your feedback, thanks!!
  • Performance tweaks (eg. deleting pages is now much faster, loading list of pages in project is faster)

12 April 2018 release

  • Added a new functionality: Smart Keyword technology (beta). Now you can work with singular and plural keywords
  • Improve of the editor
  • Added Norwegian language to the Text Conversion Optimizer
  • Fixed several little bugs and issues.

4 April 2018 release

  • Implementing some changes in the Content Ranking Index e.g. the score is now from 0 to 10.
  • Various user interface improvement, thanks to the input of our users!
  • Fixed several little bugs and issues. 

15 March 2018 release

  • Introduction of our new user interface (beta)! We have worked hard on a brand new interface to give our users an even better experience when creating your content with Textmetrics. Give it a try , you can always switch back to the old version
  • Improve of the Content Ranking Index: save reports to .pdf file or export to .csv file. There’s also an option to compare reports.
  • Our Craft plugin is extended with the Text Conversion Optimizer
  • Added the option to export the pagetracker results to .csv file
  • Fixed several little bugs and issues. Thanks for reporting!

18 January 2018 release

  • Made some changes to improve the Text Conversion Optimizer (thanks to our user’s feedback): eg the bullet point checker is extended and the ‘difficult word’ check improved
  • Added page list filter to team projects / pagelist to select pages on status
  • Added the option to export the keyword analysis results to .csv file
  • Improve of the PDF export of a page: title and description are also included now
  • Added new domains for Keyword Analysis, Pagetrackers, Content Ranking Index (CRI) and Competition checker: google.com.pa (Panama), google.com.ng (Nigeria), google.com.ua (Ukraine), google.bg (Bulgaria), google.com.gt (Guatemala), google.lv (Latvia), google.com.pr (Puerto Rico)
  • Extension of the Content Ranking Index: option to get suggestions for keywords for you domain and suggestions for competing domains
  • Improve of the team workflow; an high level overview of your projects where you easily add or remove team members
  • Fixed several litte bugs and issues. Thanks for reporting!

2 January 2018 release

  • Made some changes to improve the Text Conversion Optimizer (thanks to our user’s feedback): eg the adjectives are highlighted within the text, difficult words are shown in the sidepanel
  • Added google.com.eg – so you can run keyword analysis and pagetrackers for this country
  • Made some changes to improve the Content Ranking Index (eg. some optical changes within the tool, counter within the keyword field, fixed some small bugs)
  • Improve the logics of the results in the keyword suggestion tool
  • Added new feature to our pagetracker module. In addition to the tracked page, we also search for other pages of your domain in which the keyword also occurs. If case there aren’t any comparable pages of your domain, we’ll show the top 5 pages for the keyword.
  • Several small bugs and issues (eg. when importing a page the domain will be automatically set as the domain of your page to detect internal links in the content, possibility to add a colleague or client with a free trial as a team member)

4 December 2017 release

  • *NEW* Added a brand new functionality, called the Text Conversion Optimizer (TCO). This module analyses your content and helps you increase the readability of your text and improves the chance of conversion. The TCO is only available for our new Business Plus plans.
  • We made some changes to improve the rankings for your Content Ranking Index, page trackers and synonym analysis.
  • Some changes have been made to the weekly schedule of the page tracker and CRI updates. As a result, you may receive the weekly updates on a different day of the week. We also made some changes to improve these rankings.
  • Several small bugs and issues

2 November 2017 release

  • *NEW* Added a brand new functionality, called the Content Ranking Index (CRI).
  • The workflow contains a new status ‘live’ (request from our users – thanks for your feedback!)
  • Several small bugs and issues

25 September 2017 release

  • Update of the editor: added ‘created by’ in the pagelist
  • We’ve fixed the error Paste from Word in browser Microsoft Edge
  • Several small bugs and issues
  • Still in progress: the content quality module

27 July 2017 release

  • Update of the WordPress plugin, added the option to set synonyms
  • Added Deutsch translations of our emails and some features (the rest of the translations will be there soon)
  • The synonym search is improved: in the last step the synonyms and the progress indicatior appear on the page itself
  • We’ve fixed the error of setting a pagetracker before the page was saved for the first time
  • Several small bugs and issues – thank you again for reporting!

12 July 2017 release

  • *NEW* Synonym & competitor analysis module. With this new module you can analyze top ranking pages and get their most important keywords and keyword phrases, so you can use these in your own content to create better content that ranks well. You can access this new module from the editor page (click on “keyword” or “synonyms”).
  • *NEW* Reports module. With this new module you can create your own reports with results of your pagetrackers or page SEO scores. You can access this from your dashboard (Reports tab) and from My Account page. We are continuing development of this module – so please send us your feedback and comments!
  • Added Google.HR and Google.SK – so you can run keyword analysis and pagetrackers for these countries
  • Solved some issues with exporting pages that contained special characters
  • Solved issue that the SEO suggestions bar would not scroll down to see the last suggestions
  • Several small bugs and issues – thank you again for reporting!
  • WordPress plugin updated (fixing some small issues)

20 June 2017 release

  • You can now use your own logo and a line of text when exporting pages to Word / PDF. You can set it up here.
  • new graphs for the pagetrackers
  • on the Textmetrics dashboard you will now get a notification when there is a new release
  • the page score “donut” is replaced by a new modern version 🙂
  • for team projects: more info on which user has last saved the page, to track progress
  • several bug fixes – thanks for your feedback!

6 June 2017 release

  • Saving a page is much faster now 🙂
  • Changes of page status are directly saved now
  • Added new options in the editor toolbar: alignment (center, lef, right, justify), search & replace and use of emoji’s
  • Several small nasty bugs and UI improvements
  • updated WordPress plugin
  • updated SEO suggestion rules

17 May 2017 release

  • added page revision status: you can now assign a status to your page (“not started”, “in progress”, “review 1”, “review 2”, “ready”). This will help you optimize your workflow for content production
  • fixed a bug in pagetrackers with special characters in the URL
  • several UI tweaks, like: added option to delete pages and projects from the dashboard lists, improvied loading speed when you have a lot of pages in your account, when changing a keyword for an existing page: automatic update of the SEO score
  • several smaller bug fixes
  • update of our Craft plugin
  • updated SEO rules

24 April release

  • added several new domains for keyword analysis and pagetracking
  • added keyword volume to main keyword analysis
  • page optimization score history
  • updated SEO rules

1 April 2017 release

  • Released big update for WordPress plugin: you can add social media tags now + support for several pagebuilders
  • Release big update for Joomla module: includes social media tags + several bug fixes
  • Internal link check : you can now set your domain for a page and it will be taken into account when looking for internal/external links
  • Several smaller UX/UI improvements

14 March 2017 release

  • Showing Keyword volume
  • Keyword history: reload the results from previous keyword analysis – use the icon behind the keyword in the history list (saves you a KW credit 😉
  • Option to enable “Process page title as H1” as default – see your account settings
  • Showing domain in the list of pagetrackers
  • Business/Team : every teammember can set and see pagetrackers now
  • On account page you can see when your credits will be updated
  • Several small bugs and improvements. Thanks for your feedback

24 February 2017 release

  • Complete rebuild of the Pagetracker functionality to determine rankings. Pagetrackers positions are more accurate now
  • Option to embed video in the editor
  • Improved Paste-from-Word to editor
  • Added more languages to spellchecker
  • Released updates for WordPress and Joomla plugins
  • Solved small bugs, eg. when importing pages with special characters, etc.

16 February 2017 release

  • Improvements to import page
  • Added 20+ additional domains for Keyword research and pagetracking

2 February 2017 release

  • SEO Competition checker
  • Added Greece/Greek for keywords and pagetracking
  • Updated SEO rules
  • Bugifxing…

14 January 2017 release

  • Extended content inspiration with Dutch, German, French and Italian content
  • Updated SEO rules
  • Bugfixing..

20 december 2016 release

  • New dashboard design; easy to invite friends
  • Beta version of the content inspiration tool
  • In the editor it’s possible to change font and fontsize
  • Set up easy the default SEO rules via ‘My account’
  • We’ve fixed some nasty bugs

29 november 2016 release

  • New dashboard
  • There are beta plugins for Craft CMS and Office/Word  available. Would you like to test these plugins with us? Sign in here.
  • Team projects are added to the Pro version. Now it is possible to collaborate with your customers or colleagues on content.
  • Furthermore we’ve fixed some bugs and did all kind of User Interface changes.

31 October 2016 release

  • Mobile SEO rules are added to Textmetrics. One of the differences in mobile text is that page title and description are limited.
  • From now on users receive a weekly update about their page trackers. Read more about page trackers.
  • After page importing users have the possibility to give feedback about the process. Read more about importing pages
  • The German language is added and the WordPress plugin is updated.
  • And last not but not least, we’ve fixed some nasty bugs.

12 September 2016 release

  • SEO rules update
  • Several UI/flow suggestions items from customer feedback panel
  • PayPal as additional payment method
  • Several small bug and UI fixes

29 July 2016 release

  • Pagetracker updates
  • Page import improvements, now supporting raw import
  • SEO rules updated
  • WordPress plugin update

23 June 2016 release

  • Improvements to Pagetracker (preview, use synonyms, import)
  • Set a new Pagetracker from dashboard without creating a new page in Textmetrics.
  • Regrouped SEO suggestions for you convenience
  • Updated SEO rules
  • API update
  • Several bug fixes
  • Drupal plugin released

11 May 2016 release

  • Added SEO suggestions for images
  • internal and external links
  • keyword usage
  • Updated SEO rules
  • Pagetracker on dashboard
  • WordPress plugin released
  • Several bug fixes

8 april 2016 In this blog post you can read the highlights of this release.

27 February 2016 In this blog post you can read the highlights of this release.

  • Rewards: earn extra keyword credits, pages, page trackers. Learn more.
  • Content specific optimization rules. See Textmetrics editor (text type) for more information
  • Wordcounter is back in the editor.
  • Page import improvements. Learn more
  • Page tracker improvements
  • Export all pages in a project
  • New languages / domains in keyword suggestion tool
  • Several small bugs fixed
  • Updated SEO rules

20 January 2016

19 December 2015

  • Page Tracker (beta) to track the Google Ranking of your page.
  • Updated keyword suggestions
  • Performance improvement
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated SEO rules

23 November 2015

  • Use of synonyms in optimization. Learn more.
  • Synonym suggestions
  • Direct page import & analysis
  • Treat Title as H1 in optimisation
  • Update SEO / optimisation rules
  • Keyword suggestion updates

18 October 2015

  • Brand new design
  • Updated SEO rules
  • Updated the page import function. Learn more
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool remake
  • New data sources keyword suggestion
  • In app help tour
  • Team collaboration
  • New subscription types