How do I set up my wordlists?

For the content quality analysis module (aka Text Conversion Optimizer), you can now make use of 3 types of word lists: blacklists, mandatory lists and whitelists.

A blacklist contains the words that may not be used in your text. One use for this, is if you want to make sure that you avoid specific jargon.
The mandatory list contains the words that must appear in your text. You can use a must-have list to make sure you address mandatory topics.
The whitelist contains the words that will be ignored in the analysis and the score. In some cases you can’t avoid using certain terms but don’t want them to influence the checks and scores. You could use this e.g. when the content analysis marks words as “difficult” but you can’t avoid using them and/or know that your audience is familiar with these words.

How to create word lists
You can create and manage these lists on the Wordlists tab on the My Account page.

Click on + Wordlist

Name your wordlist and choose the type. Then you can enter the specific words. Click ‘OK’ to save the list. You can easily duplicate, edit or delete your list.

Once created, you can assign lists to a project and these lists will be used for all pages in that project.

When you set a wordlist as “accountwide list”, this list will be applied to any page in your account (and team). You can also add wordlists on project level. If you have a project-level wordlist and an accountwide wordlist, both will be used for pages in that specific project.

Create wordlists on team level
It’s also possible to create wordlists on account (team) level. These will work for all pages in your account. You can also make wordlists on project level. On a page level, these will be combined with the account-level wordlists.