New: the Textmetrics SEO knowledgebase

New: the Textmetrics SEO knowledgebase

In the latest release of Textmetrics a knowledgebase is launched. In this knowledgebase, users will find articles about using Textmetrics, SEO and copy writing. Besides the articles there are short informative videos about SEO in the base as well.

A head start for Textmetrics users 

Textmetrics is a very versatile tool. “It’s really important that our users get to know all the facets of Textmetrics in the trial period. That is why the category ‘getting started’, in which the basic essentials like keyword analysis and create a page are described, is an important element in the knowledgebase” marketing manager Lisa Paauwe explains.

SEO knowledge 

Besides providing practical handles, the knowledgebase is also launched to amplify the overall vision of Textmetrics; make the – often complex – SEO knowledge accessible. That is why there are more articles about broader SEO topics, like linkbuidling, and videos in the Textmetrics knowledgebase as well.

Never finished

The knowledgebase is never finished. Articles are being added and edited to keep all the information up to date. In the dynamic world of SEO this is necessary. For example to keep up with the changing algorithms of search engines.

Textmetrics users can reach the knowledgebase via the ‘help’ button in the Textmetrics app. If you don’t have an account, create one for free!