SEO Text Editor Guide: How To Write High Converting Titles?

SEO Text Editor Guide: How To Write High Converting Titles?

The question that we get asked a lot is: “How To Write High Converting Titles?”. It’s more than just making sure that you don’t use more than 55 characters.

We’re going to help you by answering this question, but first there is one important thing that we have to start with.

Writing good titles is a combination of technical and creative aspects.

This article is about converting titles, so the creative part would get more attention, but for the complete image we want to start with some technical stuff like the SEO text editor.

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Everything starts with a good basis and, in this case, your basis should be our Textmetrics SEO text editor.

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That’s the first thing you have to think about! You want your page to be found, otherwise your title can be really good, but still standing in the shadow of the most popular articles.

This first point doesn’t really have to do anything with your converting rate, but the more people that see your page title, the more people that could click it right?

That’s why we think that our SEO text editor should be everyone’s starting point.

Well, now that this part is cleared out, we can skip to the creative part. But keep the technique in mind!



4 Greatest Tips For Higher Converting Headlines

#1. Use numbers to increase conversion of your headlines

The first step to high converting titles is to use numbers in your title. Not just random numbers, like: “3455 Going on a trip to Rome” but numbers that give extra value to your article.

People like numbers. For example, you want to write a blog about your trip through Europe. Your page title could be something like: “My Roadtrip Through Europe“.

But well, that doesn’t sound very exciting and one of the reasons is: It doesn’t have any numbers in it!

For example try something like: “32 Days Of European Roadtrip Adventures”. Way better, don’t you think?

Why do numbers help to create higher converting headlines? That’s actually a question that isn’t that easy to answer.

It has something to do with perception, large numbers are even more popular than small ones like a 60 days guarantee sounds more than two months.

It probably also has to do something with the fact that people like the structure of lists. Like: “7 Cute Kittens Dancing With Dogs” or something like that.

Want to know exactly why numbers are effective in conversion? This article from Hans Villarica can tell you more about this subject!

#2. Eight is your lucky number for the best converting headlines!

Research of shows us that titles with five to nine words and titles with sixteen to eighteen words are more converting that titles with less or more words.

Titles with eight words are rated the best:

Our research showed titles with eight words had the highest click- through rates with these headers performing 21%

better than average- so consider the length of your title if you want to get clicks.

– The Guardian

This has probably something to do with the limits of the human brains. People scan titles and can only pay attention to a few words.

Titles with eight words are probably the easiest to scan, with some valuable information in the front and in the end of the title.

If you use the SEO text editor, it will tell you how many words and characters you should use to create the best converting titles!

Something like “32 Beautiful Days of Amazing Roadtrips Through Europe” would be a good converting title according to the first two tips.

#3. Guide for Conversion: Does punctuation have influence on conversion rates?

The answer to this question is: YES! Titles with colons and question marks have higher conversion rates than titles without.

People feel personally addressed by titles with question marks and this is what you want to reach. That is how you get higher conversion rates.

By using colons in your title, you’re showing some kind of expertise. At least, that’s what people think. Your article gives thé answers to their questions.

It’s quite simple to apply these tips and the results will be great!

#4. Guide: How To Get The Best, Fastest, Easiest and Simplest Conversion In 2015?

Well, the title of this tip might be a bit confusing, because of course you shouldn’t write a title like that. But this title summarizes the next tip for higher conversion rates.

Use modifiers in your title. This can be words that have something to do with the subject of your article.

For example, you’ve got an article about backlinks. The title that you have in mind is: “Linkbuilding: Best Way To Get Backlinks”.

You could also choose to use this title, by adding a few modifiers: “Guide for SEO Linkbuilding: Best Way To Get Easy Backlinks”

This tells the search engines and your future visitors a lot more about the subject of your article.

Other modifiers that you could use are words like:

“How to…”, Great, Easy, Simple, Tips, Guide, Best, Fast, Checklist etc.

Consider adding them to your titles for better results! This tip might even be more valuable than the limit of words in SEO text editors, so keep it in mind!

Of course there are a lot more tips for better converting headlines, but according to us these are the most important ones.

Start using these tips and a free trial of our Textmetrics text editor and in no-time you will be able to score higher conversion rates in the search engines!