How to Do SEO in 2015? [Infographic]

How to Do SEO in 2015? [Infographic]

Search engine optimization is changing all the time and every now and then it’s smart to update your knowledge. Last week we shared the SEO cheat sheet from MOZ with you and today we found another very useful article with a new SEO guide by Business 2 Community. This easy and quick guide tells you exactly how to do SEO in 2015!

The basic of SEO is writing good content, but with your targeted SEO strategy, you probably want to rank on a specific keyword that leads the right customers to your website. There are certain steps you can take to increase your visibility in the search engines. It all starts with finding out what keywords and phrases you should focus on. Don’t just look at Google’s keyword data but look at what your target audience and buyers want to read. Search for subjects like ‘How to..?’-questions and make sure that your content truely answers their questions.

Make sure that you write the right way to get the best results. If you want to make sure that you’re up-to-date all the time, you should start your free trial of Textmetrics right now.

Learn from this infographic and optimize your SEO strategy for 2015: