November 17, 2023

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New AI jobs to consider

AI has been around for longer than we realize in smart devices for households, factories and science. But the arrival of the large language models like ChatGPT really shook us up. Now that we can directly engage with AI, we understand that it will cost us some jobs – or at least change the way those jobs are done. Luckily AI will also create new career opportunities. So let’s have a look at what those new roles might be.


Prompt engineer – not as easy as you think

A prompt is a set of instructions that you give to the AI. The quality of the output depends on the quality of the input. Your prompt should be precise and describe exactly what you want the AI to do. Some people call prompting ‘crafting conversations’ to make it sound easier, but prompt engineering is more like programming with natural language. It will be used in customer service, content creation and more.


AI ethicists – check your morals

Most brands have a specific value set. They distinguish themselves from competitors by being green, inclusive, innovative and more. Other societal values like privacy and transparency will be enforced by the AI-act. AI ethicists play a role in the development and auditing of AI systems in the organization to ensure that all values are honored.


AI developers – always in high demand

AI developers create and maintain AI systems. They know how to integrate the artificial intelligence in the systems and how to connect to the data the AI is trained upon. AI developers write, test and debug the code for systems in almost every sector, from healthcare to finance to distribution and others. These systems will be self-learning and make solving problems much more efficient.


AI designers – for the best user experience

AI designers make the user experience (UX) intuitive and user-friendly. Insight into human behavior is important for this role, but insight into the new technology and behavior of AI is equally important. AI designers will be able to work with the newest generative AI like Midjourney to make innovative designs that were not imaginable before.


More future jobs

How can we know what other jobs will emerge? Only the future will tell, but we will definitely need:

  • Chatbot professionals. AI will transform customer service, but human oversight is still needed.
  • Data scientists. Analyzing and interpreting complex digital data is essential for training AI models
  • Robotic engineers. Design, build and train AI powered robots to perform tasks in healthcare and other sectors.
  • AI trainers. Train AI to perform tasks before or after integrating it in software, by feeding it the right data.
  • AI policy makers. Lawyers in government or organizations to develop and audit regulations and policies regarding AI.


Fast paced AI developments

AI doesn’t need rest, unlike us humans. Sometimes keeping up seems almost impossible, but you can stay informed by reading here about the latest news and developments.
At Textmetrics we stay on top of all AI news!

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