Koen Brummelhuis

Customer Success Manager
July 7, 2022

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Diversity recruitment: what is it, and why is it so important?

Diverse teams increase the innovativeness and creativity of companies. And they help companies achieve better results. So, building a more diverse team is what you want, right? Because it helps you reach your diversity and inclusion goals. The ones that seem more difficult to reach than you might have thought. But how do you build a team made up of people from different backgrounds, ages and genders? A team that cultivates different perspectives. And that brings diverse ideas to the table. That’s where diversity recruitment comes in. But what is diversity recruitment? And why is it so important? We’ll tell you all about that here. 


What is diversity recruitment?

Diversity recruitment is about hiring a team that reflects the general makeup of society. You hire a variety of different types of people. Men, women, and people of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. But also people with different experiences, skills and knowledge. You hire these candidates using a practice that is free from bias. You still wish to find the best possible candidate for a job. But while doing so, all applicants, no matter what their background is, stand an equal chance.   


Why is diversity recruitment so important?

Giving everyone an equal chance and building a diverse team is simply the right thing to do. Why should a candidate be excluded from a job because of age, gender, or race? A diverse team also brings along quite a few other benefits: 

  • There are more skills and experience in your team.
  • There is more cultural awareness in your team. 
  • You’ll have a larger and more varied candidate pool to hire from. 
  • For 67% of jobseekers, diversity is an important factor when they consider working for a company. 
  • Diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenues. 


Diversity recruitment and Textmetrics

From the above, it’s obvious why diversity recruitment is so important. But how do you make sure your recruitment process is free of bias? That’s where the Textmetrics platform comes in. Using algorithms based on artificial intelligence, it reads and analyzes your content. And it then gives you real-time suggestions for improvements. You can use the platform to write job descriptions that are free of bias. And since bias isn’t easy to spot yourself, the platform can offer you the help you’re searching for. By implementing the suggestions the platform offers, your job ads will appeal to everyone in your target group. And you’ll be ready to build a truly diverse team.

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