Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
October 29, 2021

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All there is to know about diversity recruitment

You’ve probably realized that being diverse and inclusive is no longer just the right thing to do. Sure, diversity is a topic society expects companies to care about. But that’s not the only reason why you should set ambitious diversity and inclusion goals. Employees also favor diverse organizations over competitors that are less diverse. So, in the battle for talent, diversity plays a very important role. On top of that, the more diverse your workplace, the more productive and creative your employees. Surely, those are enough reasons to focus on diversity even more. 

But how can you make your workforce more diverse? That’s where diversity recruitment comes in. 


What is diversity recruitment?

Diversity recruitment is a strategy to actively seek out job candidates who are from diverse backgrounds. You want a workforce that looks like society. So, the hiring process needs to be more inclusive. All candidates who apply need to have an equal opportunity to be hired. No matter what their age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. 

To achieve diversity in the workforce, you’ll need a hiring process free from biases. Although usually unintentional, there is often bias in the hiring process. For example, job descriptions often have a more masculine tone of voice. As a result, fewer women apply. And they contain words and sentences that discourage older people from applying. 

For more diversity in the workforce, a successful diversity recruitment strategy is key. You need a more diverse candidate pool to hire talented candidates from. 


Why is diversity recruitment so important?

Diversity recruitment is important for several reasons, some of which we’ve already mentioned above. Your employees are more productive and creative. They perform better and are better at solving problems. Diverse companies are also more profitable and innovative. There is a broader range of skills and experiences present in the company. And there is also more language and cultural awareness. And people prefer working at a company that is diverse. This means it’s easier to find the talented people you’re looking for.


Textmetrics and diversity recruitment

For diversity recruitment, you’ll need a hiring process that is free of biases. Job descriptions are often unintentionally biased, with age and gender being the most common forms. Women and older people are often discouraged from applying. This has to do with the language used. It often isn’t inclusive. 

The Textmetrics platform can help you write job descriptions using more inclusive language. This means that your writing is free of biases. To achieve this, the platform uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your content. You’ll then receive real-time suggestions for improvements. Your content will appeal to people of all ages. And to men and women alike. You don’t exclude anyone anymore. And your job ads have the right tone of voice for everyone in your target group.

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