Israpil Nalgiev

Developer & Support Specialist Textmetrics
May 9, 2022

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Data-driven recruitment is the future

Recently, recruitment has been going through major changes. As you may have noticed, recruitment deserves more attention than you might have given it in the past. Not only because talent is scarce. Also, because a good recruitment strategy is key when you have ambitious diversity and inclusion goals. One development in recruitment that deserves all your attention is data-driven recruitment. A technology that makes hiring the right candidates easier.

Traditionally, recruitment was based on feelings and instincts. The choice between equally qualified candidates was made on gut feeling. Risky business, because this approach allowed room for bias to sneak in. Data-driven recruitment puts an end to this practice.


What is data-driven recruitment?

Data-driven recruitment is an approach to hiring where data is used to make hiring decisions. You use data from a large talent pool to find candidates with the right skills, experience, and mindset. Feelings and instincts don’t play such an important role anymore, and bias can be eliminated. It’s a significant change for the recruitment process. One that you can use to increase diversity and inclusion within the company.


Why data-driven recruitment is the future

Data-driven recruitment is the future because it brings with it a number of important benefits. The most important one being the increase in diversity and inclusion within the company. Besides that, it increases the productivity of recruiters. Hiring decisions are more objective and legally sound. For example, bias no longer plays a role when recruiters have to choose between two equally suitable candidates.

Data-driven recruitment also gives recruiters better control of the hiring process. They understand the market better. And they know how many applicants they usually need for one successful hire. They also know how to spend their budget better. Data tells them which recruitment channels give them the best results.


Step into the future with Textmetrics

Data-driven recruitment is a very interesting innovation that will be frequently used in the future. It will give recruiters the tools they need to hire the best candidates. For example, by writing job descriptions that appeal to the entire target group. That’s where the Textmetrics platform comes in. It uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your job descriptions. And it gives you real-time suggestions for improvements. You’ll end up with better job descriptions that appeal to your entire target group. Just what you need to hire the very best candidate for the job. That’s the only way to be ready for the future.

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