March 17, 2022

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5 benefits of data-driven recruitment

How often have you hired the wrong person for the job? It has probably happened a lot more often than you’d like. No less than 74% of managers and recruiters have done so at least once during their career. Wouldn’t it be great if bad hires could become a thing of the past? We’re happy to tell you that there is technology that can make hiring the right candidates easier. It’s called data-driven recruitment

Data-driven recruitment uses technologies and data to optimize the hiring process. By analyzing the data of a large talent pool, it’s easier to find candidates with the right skills. Besides that, it eliminates biases in the recruitment process. You need this if you have ambitious diversity and inclusion goals to reach.


5 reasons to opt for data-driven recruitment

Data-driven recruitment is one of those technological developments that can make your work a lot easier. But there are more benefits than the ones we’ve mentioned above. We’ve listed the five most important ones below:

  1. No more gut-feeling decision-making How do you choose between two seemingly perfect candidates? You probably make a decision from your gut. This may not always be the right decision, though. Data-driven recruitment can analyze the available data for you, allowing you to make a more objective decision. 
  1. Improve the quality of a hire Data-driven recruitment can reduce the number of bad hires. But it will do more than just that. The overall quality of a hire will go up as well. You can analyze the variables that are consistent with your best hires and use them when hiring new candidates. 
  1. Decrease the time to hire You can use data-driven recruitment to gather a lot of information about potential candidates. This means you probably have to interview fewer candidates, saving you precious time. Perhaps you can also skip one round of interviews because you already know a lot about candidates.
  1. Decrease the cost per hire If you need less time for a hire, you also spend less on a hire. The cost per hire also decreases because you can analyze each hiring source. An expensive platform you post your job ad on might not lead to the best results. You can then save money by no longer advertising there.
  1. Remove bias from the hiring process – We’ve already mentioned this one above. You can use data-driven recruitment to remove bias from the hiring process. Gender and age bias are still very common in recruitment. Using data eliminates the possibility of bias creeping in. 


Textmetrics and data-driven recruitment

You can use the Textmetrics platform to implement data-driven recruitment in your hiring process. The platform uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your job descriptions. You’ll write better job descriptions that are free of any bias. And you’ll have a more gender-neutral tone of voice. Job ads that appeal to your whole target group. Just what you need to hire the very best candidate for the job.

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