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December 28, 2021

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3 benefits of data-driven recruitment

You always want to hire the best candidates for the job, right? So, wouldn’t it be excellent if there was a technology that could help you do just that? Well, we’ve got good news for you. That technology exists. It’s called data-driven recruitment, and it is a lot easier than it might sound. It uses technologies, techniques and data to analyze a large group of candidates. This makes it easier for you to find candidates with the right skills, experience and mindset to be successful. On top of that, it eliminates biases in the recruitment process. Has your company set ambitious diversity and inclusion goals? Then you can’t do without data-driven recruitment.


The benefits of data-driven recruitment

Data-driven recruitment changes the way you select candidates. Before, you would decide who to invite based on their application letters. Now you can use data. By doing so, data-driven recruitment creates a number of important benefits:

  • You make decisions based on facts

Who do you choose when you have two equally qualified people in front of you? The one you feel fits best in the company. But is that the right choice? Or is it based on some bias? Perhaps a belief that the younger person will probably perform better than the older one? Or that the male is better than the female? You can use data-driven recruitment to make a choice here based on data. And so, a choice based on the facts.


  • You decrease hiring costs

You can also use data-driven recruitment to decrease hiring costs. Perhaps those expensive platforms you post your job descriptions on don’t lead to the best results. You can save a lot of money if you no longer advertise on those. Data-driven recruitment also speeds up the recruitment process. Less time spent on a hire means less money spent as well.


  • You improve the experience for candidates

Hiring processes can be quite intense for candidates to go through. What if candidates repeatedly drop off at the same point? You can use data-driven recruitment to find out why that is. What roadblocks stop talented candidates from completing the application process? Once you know, you can improve the experience for candidates. And as a result, you will receive more applications from talented candidates.


Data-driven recruitment and Textmetrics

Do you want to implement data-driven recruitment in your hiring process? Then why not start with the Textmetrics platform? Data-driven recruitment gives you the tools you need to hire the best candidates. Part of that is writing job descriptions that appeal to your whole target group. The Textmetrics platform uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to help you do just that. You’ll write better job descriptions that are free of any bias. And have a more gender-neutral tone of voice. Just what you need to hire the very best candidate for the job.

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