August 3, 2021

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The benefits of data-driven recruitment

Do you want your company’s workforce to be more inclusive and diverse? Have you set ambitious goals to achieve this? Then you’ll need to take a closer look at your recruitment strategy. That’s where a more diverse workforce starts. An innovation like data-driven recruitment can be a big help here. It uses technologies, techniques and data to analyze a large group of candidates, which is very useful for recruiters. It’s easier for them to find candidates with the right skills. And the right experience and mindset to be successful. And most importantly for your D&I goals, it eliminates biases in the recruitment process. 

The advantages of data-driven recruitment 

Using data-driven recruitment means quite the shift in your hiring process. Before, recruiters would choose candidates based on their application letters. Data-driven recruitment means collecting and analyzing data from several sources. Think of social media, past jobs and online publications. This valuable information is then utilized when it comes to selecting candidates. This different approach brings with it a number of advantages:

  • Remove bias in the recruitment process

For recruiters, it’s often very difficult to choose between candidates who seem equally suitable. It’s not uncommon for some emotion and bias to creep in. They might choose the younger candidate (age bias) or the male candidate (gender bias). In data-driven recruitment, emotions and bias don’t occur. A candidate is chosen based on data and nothing else. 

  • Decrease the length of the recruitment process

With data-driven recruitment, you choose candidates based on data. The candidates you invite for an interview are as skilled as you need them to be. This might not always be the case when a recruiter chooses a candidate based on their gut feeling. There is a greater chance that candidates selected in this manner will disappoint during the interview. Resulting in the recruiter having to invite another person into the recruitment process. 

  • Hire better candidates

With data-driven recruitment, you hire better candidates. A good interview doesn’t automatically mean good performance at work. But data can tell you all about the expected performance of candidates. 

  • Write better job descriptions

Data-driven recruitment can help you write better job descriptions. By “better,”  we mean job descriptions that are easy to understand and free of biases. And that use inclusive language, and appeal to your whole target group. The last one is extremely important if you want to reach a diverse group of candidates. 

Textmetrics and data-driven recruitment 

Are you ready to embrace data-driven recruitment? Then the Textmetrics platform is a great place to start. It uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to help you write better job descriptions. The platform reads and analyzes your content, then gives you real-time suggestions for improvements. The result: better job descriptions that are free of bias and have a gender-neutral tone of voice. 

Curious to know more? We’d love to tell you all about data-driven recruitment and the Textmetrics platform. And how we can help you reach your D&I goals.

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