How often have you hired the wrong person for a job? And how many employees left shortly after they started because the job wasn’t the right fit for them? The answer is probably more than one. That’s because hiring is mostly based on emotions and gut feeling. Sometimes, bias can even creep in. The latter is problematic if you want to become more inclusive and diverse. For all of the above, it would be better to base hiring decisions on data.

An innovation like data-driven recruitment can be a big help here. It uses technologies, techniques and data to analyze a large group of candidates.

What is data-driven recruitment?

Currently, you choose candidates based on their application letters. With data-driven recruitment, you can collect and analyze data from several sources. Think of social media, past jobs and online publications. This information is valuable and taken into consideration when selecting candidates. You no longer decide to invite someone for an interview based on gut feeling. And there is no room for bias to creep in. You’re hiring decisions will be better. And the percentage of bad hires will decrease significantly.

How data-driven recruitment improves the quality of a hire

Hiring the very best candidates out there significantly improves the performance of your company. There is also no need to replace the best candidates shortly after you’ve hired them. Without the use of data-driven recruitment, it can be difficult to hire the best person for the job. All you have to go on are their resume, application letter and interviews. A person might seem like the perfect fit during an interview but disappoint once they get started.

With data-driven recruitment, you can use data to find out who your best hires are. What background do they have? Where did they come from? What skills do they have in common? You can use this valuable information for your next hire.

Textmetrics and data-driven recruitment

Data-driven recruitment is a very helpful innovation that can improve the quality of your hires. But to find the very best candidates, more is needed. That’s where the Textmetrics platform comes in. It uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your job descriptions. And it gives you real-time suggestions for improvements. The result: better job descriptions that appeal to your whole target group. Because you need as many qualified people as possible to apply. That’s the only way to find the very best candidates out there.

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