September 7, 2021

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Why data-driven recruitment is a must

Have you heard about data-driven recruitment yet? And what it can do for your organization? It can help you reach your diversity and inclusion goals, for example. And save you time and money. What about a smoother and easier recruitment process? Data-driven recruitment can help you do all that and more. But what is data-driven recruitment? 

Data-driven recruitment is actually a very simple innovation. It uses technologies, techniques and data to analyze a large group of candidates. This makes it easier for you to find candidates with the right skills, experience and mindset to be successful. And it eliminates biases in the recruitment process. Which is exactly what you need to reach your D&I goals. 

Why you need a data-driven recruitment process 

Data-driven recruitment increases the quality of a hire. You no longer hire someone solely on their application letter. Instead, you analyze data from several sources to make a choice. Think of past jobs, social media and online publications. With all this data, you make better hiring decisions. And there’s more. Data-driven recruitment also means:

  • You can focus more on diversity

Without knowing it, there might be some bias in your recruitment process. When candidates seem equally suitable, it’s difficult to choose between them. You might choose the younger candidate. Or the male candidate. Data-driven recruitment prevents this from happening. You choose someone solely based on data.

  • You can increase productivity

It can take quite a while to hire someone. With data-driven recruitment, you reduce this time. It does so by analyzing which parts of your hiring process could be more productive. And because you invite candidates based on data. You reduce the chance that someone will disappoint at the interview stage. This saves you the time of inviting someone else. 

  • You can write better job descriptions

Data-driven recruitment can also help you in writing better job descriptions. These job ads are easy to understand and use inclusive language. And they are not aimed at people from a specific age or gender. In other words: they appeal to everyone in your target group.  

Data-driven recruitment and Textmetrics

Do you want to implement data-driven recruitment in your hiring process? Then the Textmetrics platform is the first step. It uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your job descriptions. It gives you real-time suggestions for improvements. The result:better job descriptions that are free of bias and have a gender-neutral tone of voice.

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