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November 21, 2023

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Top 3 AI and ChatGPT mistakes to avoid

In December 2022 AI transformed the world with ChatGPT. Students still thought they could get away with one push of a button to deliver their homework. Blog owners thought the same and uploaded lots of meaningless content. Employees started using AI writers for emails and business letters, hopefully guided by carefully thought through AI business policies. Because there are serious mistakes you can make: some not so bad, but others quite grave. Read here the top 3 AI mistakes you should never make.


Mistake 1 – Not checking AI’s output

You might have heard it before: ChatGPT and other AI writers are large language models, not encyclopedias. They’re smart algorithms, but cannot distinguish between truth and fantasy. ChatGPT is known for hallucinating: just making up things and stating imaginary facts with great authority and URLs that don’t exist. Be very wary of this, because spreading disinformation will destroy your credibility and ruin your reputation. Always double-check all AI-writer’s output.


Mistake 2 – Not humanizing a text

AI writers generate text based on existing texts. Your new text will be generic, especially so if you’re not a great prompt writer. The tone of voice might be a bit bland and your blog or article will not stand out as quality content. Here’s where you have to add a personal touch like an opinion, a tone of voice or a personal story. ChatGPT is not great at writing about real lived experiences and we can only guess why that might be. That’s why humanizing a text can never be skipped.


Mistake 3 – Not guarding privacy

This mistake could get you in serious legal trouble or make you the target of organized company scams. Let’s have a look at what ChatGPT writes about data protection in its terms and conditions. It states that you have to have the consent of all people to whom you submit personal data into the AI conversation. This implies that Open AI (the parent company of ChatGPT) will not take any responsibility for infringement on the GDPR, data theft or other privacy violations.


Safeguard your company with an AI policy

The possible data infringement makes it imperative to have AI policies in place: you should never submit the personal data of employees or customers to an open AI. This also goes for the intellectual property of your organization. Make a policy and give all employees proper training on AI safety.


Assisting software

Textmetrics is GDPR compliant and makes it easy to humanize a text. Make for example adjustments in the settings for your brand to make your tone of voice consistent. Don’t be scared to use AI, otherwise you’ll get behind. But do use AI in a professional way with the help of innovative and professional software!

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