Koen Brummelhuis

Customer Success Manager
April 11, 2022

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Three benefits of using an augmented writing platform

How is your company doing in the battle for talent? Are you succeeding in reaching your entire target group with your job ads? Chances are that the number of responses to your job ad is somewhat disappointing. That’s usually the case when job ads don’t appeal to an entire target group. This can occur for a number of reasons. The use of the wrong tone of voice, for example. Or the use of too much jargon. An augmented writing platform can be of help here. It’s a technology that serves as a writing coach. It prevents the issues above and more. It’s like having a virtual assistant who writes the job descriptions for you.


Why use an augmented writing platform?

Using an augmented writing platform for your job descriptions provides three important benefits. These are:

Helps remove bias from job descriptionsIn a lot of job descriptions, biases are found. In particular, gender bias and age bias are a problem. It’s mostly women and older people who don’t feel spoken to. As a result, they won’t apply. That’s a problem because you don’t want to exclude anyone. You want to reach as many people in your target group as possible.

 Avoiding biases in job descriptions is not that easy. Because how do you identify a more masculine tone of voice? An augmented writing platform can do this for you. It will give you useful suggestions to remove biases.

Helps you avoid using too much jargonWe often see the use of jargon in job descriptions. These are industry-specific words that not everyone understands. An augmented writing platform will give you suggestions to replace these words with more common, easy-to-understand alternatives.

Helps you use the right tone of voiceThe tone of voice used in your job description is important, too. You need to write in a tone of voice that appeals to your entire group. And you need to avoid using words that are too difficult for most people to understand. An augmented writing platform can help with this as well. One of the things it can do is analyze the readability of your job ad.


The Textmetrics augmented writing platform

You can use the Textmetrics augmented writing platform to write better job descriptions. Job ads that are free of biases and don’t use too much jargon. And job descriptions that have the right tone of voice to reach your entire target group. The platform uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your content. And it provides you with real-time suggestions for improvements. You won’t be replaced as a writer. You’ll get the help you need to write job ads that help you reach your diversity and inclusion goals.

​​Want to know more about our Smart Writing Assistant? Click here.

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