An augmented writing platform is a very useful technology for recruitment. Especially when there are ambitious diversity and inclusion goals you need to reach. Why is that? An augmented writing platform can help you write job descriptions. Job descriptions that appeal to everyone in your target group. You could describe an augmented writing platform as a technology that serves as a writing coach. Kind of like a virtual assistant for writing job descriptions.

The platform can, for example, give you suggestions for using more inclusive, neutral language in your job descriptions. As a result, your job posts are not only aimed at men but also at women. And they don’t exclude people of a certain age. Other things the platform can give you suggestions on are the tone of voice. And the difficulty of the words you use. By doing so, one of the major problems faced by recruitment is solved. We’ll tell you all about that below.

The problems augmented writing platforms can solve

Convincing a large group of skilled candidates to apply is probably the most challenging part of your job. But you do need to reach as many people as possible. Because that’s the only way to achieve your diversity and inclusion goals. Below, we’ll list a few reasons why it’s so hard to reach your whole target group.

  • Many job descriptions have a more masculine tone of voice (gender bias). As a result, women in your target group are hard to reach.
  • Most job ads use too much jargon.
  • A lot of job descriptions exclude people of a certain age (age bias). It’s usually older people who don’t feel spoken to.

How can an augmented writing platform help you here?

Using an augmented writing platforms in recruitment

Artificial intelligence is the technology behind augmented writing platforms. An augmented writing platform certainly does not replace you as a writer. It simply assists in the process of writing better job descriptions. It’s your personal writing assistant.

Without it, you’ll never reach as many people in your target group as possible. If you reach 40% now, then you could reach 80% with the use of an augmented writing platform. You can benefit even more from the platform if you combine it with writing training. It’s the best way to raise the quality of your job descriptions from good to excellent.

At Textmetrics, we offer an augmented writing platform you can use to write better job descriptions. Your job post will have a more gender-neutral tone of voice and will use less jargon. We’d love to tell you more about how this can make a difference to your recruitment process!

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