August 10, 2022

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The role of humans in data-driven recruitment

Has the rise of data-driven recruitment left you feeling worried? And are you afraid that recruiters’ jobs might soon be fully taken over by artificial intelligence? Then allow us to take all your worries away. Indeed, recruitment is an industry that is heavily impacted by technology. Let’s have a look at data-driven recruitment, for example. It’s an innovation that helps you analyze candidates to recruit people with the right skills and experience. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing left for recruiters to do.

Innovations based on artificial intelligence and machine learning are very helpful, but they cannot fully replace recruiters. To hire the right candidate for a job, you need more than just technology. But technology can be a great way to decrease a recruiters workload.


Humanization in data-driven recruitment

Data-driven recruitment is great for suggesting the best candidates for a job. It analyzes resumes and candidate profiles and chooses which candidates would be best suited to the job. This increases the chances of finding the best match. And it eliminates bias from the recruitment process. But what this technology can’t do is really get to know the candidate. Is the candidate really a perfect fit for the organization? And how about the negotiations when you want to hire someone? To get the best result for the candidate and the organization, human negotiations are needed.

The human touch is also much needed to improve the candidate experience. Recruiters have a major influence on how a candidate experiences the recruitment process. Data-driven recruitment can play a part by decreasing the length of the recruitment process. But it’s the recruiter who asks the candidate how they are doing. And who lets candidates know that they’ll get back to them. And then do so in a reasonable timeframe.

Lastly, recruiters play an important role once a candidate is hired. They are the ones responsible for retaining a candidate. In times like these when staff is scarce, this is very important. Employees need to feel engaged after they are onboarded. They need to feel heard and supported. And there needs to be enough opportunity for them to develop themselves.


Textmetrics and data-driven recruitment

Data-driven recruitment is a very helpful technology to use in the recruitment process. The use of this AI-driven innovation has many benefits. You can use it to recruit people with the right skills and experience. And it eliminates bias from the recruitment process. This is especially helpful when you are trying to build a more diverse workforce. But for it to achieve the best results, recruiters still have an important role to play.

That is certainly true for the Textmetrics platform. You can use it to implement data-driven recruitment in your hiring process. You can use the platform to read and analyze the job descriptions you write. And together with the platform, you can eliminate bias from these job descriptions. Your writing will also have a more gender-neutral tone of voice. As a result, your job ads will appeal to everyone in your target audience. Just what you need to diversify your workforce and hire the very best candidate for the job.

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