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January 5, 2022

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The chief diversity officer job description

All you need to know to hire a chief diversity officer in 2022


Is 2022 going to be the year that you reach all your diversity and inclusion goals?  The year you become a more diverse company? Then you can’t do without a chief diversity officer. This person is solely responsible for diversity and inclusion. And that is just what you need if you really want to take a step forward. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to reach D&I goals. And it requires a focused approach. Something that is difficult to have when you’re busy working on other things as well.

To hire a chief diversity officer, you’ll need to write a chief diversity officer job description. But what is it that a chief diversity officer does exactly? And why do you need to have one?


What does a chief diversity officer do?

The chief diversity officer is the person responsible for increasing the level of diversity and inclusion within a company. This includes creating a work culture where all employees can be productive. Where everyone feels respected and safe in their work environment. Besides that, the chief diversity officer also plays an active role in the hiring process. It’s their job to ensure that HR hires candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

The chief diversity officer needs to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the entire company. To do so, he or she needs to come up with an organization-wide plan. In this plan, others can read:

  • what D&I goals have been set;
  • and how they can be reached.


Why do you need a chief diversity officer job description?

You hire a chief diversity officer to reach your D&I goals. This brings with it three important benefits:

  • More revenue

A chief diversity officer will diversify your workforce. It will consist of men and women of different ethnicities, ages, and economic and social backgrounds. They will all bring different perspectives to the products and services you offer. This results in products and services that appeal to a broader consumer base. A great way to generate more revenue.

  • Employees are less likely to leave

The chief diversity officer is responsible for creating a safe work environment. One in which everyone feels welcome and respected. By doing so, employees will feel they have more room to grow, both professionally and personally. And they won’t look for another place to work.

  • Increased productivity

Research shows that hiring a diverse group of employees increases productivity. Because the more diverse a group is, the more ideas come to the table. And the more likely you are to come up with different solutions.


Use Textmetrics to write a chief diversity officer job description

You use the Textmetrics platform to create a chief diversity officer job description. And that will attract the perfect candidate for this job. And the chief diversity officer you hire can use the Textmetrics platform to write inclusive job descriptions. These are job posts that attract diverse candidates and:

  • have a more gender-neutral tone of voice;
  • contain words that appeal to both men and women; and
  • are free of any bias (such as age bias or gender bias).

Because inclusive job descriptions are the first step toward the recruitment of diverse candidates. And they will make the job of a chief diversity officer a lot easier.

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