It is now possible to check the SEO and content score of your web page directly in Google Chrome with our Google Chrome plugin. The Google Chrome plugin supports our one-of-a-kind content quality analysis and our advanced SEO analysis that will assist you in achieving your online KPI such as boosting your search engine ranking and reaching your desired target group.

About Textmetrics

Textmetrics gives you full control of a brand new and underestimated asset: text!

Our passion is to create innovations that increase business potential. We found new metrics and created AI algorithms that can analyse all your text, determine where value can be added and increase text value via our augmented writing support. This added value is evaluated and the algorithms keep reconfiguring to make sure that your target audience receives the best content. Content is of high quality, on brand, no spelling errors and Textmetrics makes sure your online content is SEO friendly. Make sure your content  matches the language of your target audience in terms of readability (B1 level), tone of voice, sentiment and several other important aspects. Resulting in more traffic and higher conversion on your site.

Textmetrics integrations

Textmetrics has several other plugins available for popular CMS’s like ao. WordPress, Sitecore, Craft, Umbraco and also for Microsoft Word and Outlook. More information can be found on the Textmetrics plugins page.

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