January 31, 2016

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Lost Businesses in an Online World [infographic]

Being present in a highly significant era of technological excellence and prestige, the technological means to ease our lives have definitely turned out to be one of the most prime aspects we now consider as “Modernization”. Albert Einstein once said that,

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Deliberately making our lives a lot easier and accurate, the technological ways to adapt and perform our daily routine activities have been inspiring every single walk of life; be it a business empire we need to run or something as simple as ordering a meal online, it has been proficient no matter what.

It has been found out by a recent study by Ebay Business that approximately 70% of the business owners have no inkling as to how they should exemplify and advertise their franchise in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These results are backed by findings of the Textmetrics customer feedback panel. In order to meet those needs to be found online, most of them either tend to replicate their rival’s strategies or hire someone to carry out their online activities. For the one’s stating that the SEO tools are a bit complicated to understand or take a lot of time to produce visible result; they’re wrong. Embracing a heap load of advantages within itself, utilizing the SEO aspects perceptively, the road to success gets straighter and exceedingly smoother.

We have visualised these findings in the following infographic (click to view large version) .


Lost Entrepeneurs in an Online World by Textmetrics

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Search Engine Optimization; Trademark to a Successful Business:

One of the most important aspects for the business owners when it comes to the prosperity of their “online empire” is the presentation online. Although we belong to a modernized era, still most of us fail to utilize the impeccable facet of the internet. Considering the Search Engines to be an utter backbone of an organization’s prosperity, it is a proven fact that marketing a business franchise online leads to preeminent results and that too, with fewer efforts.

SEO Tools that will make you life easier

Of course there is a lot of information to be found online on how to do SEO yourself. There are online courses, webinars and whitepapers. And there is a a whole range of SEO tools that can help you with every aspect of SEO to make sure your business is found online.

Two free and easy to use tools to help you get started with your SEO efforts are:

  • Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster tools): allows you to see on which keywords your website is found and “clicked”, learn which pages you need to improve, what changes you have for more traffic and visitors.
  • Textmetrics: Allows you to create content for both, humans and Search Engines. It makes sure your content is optimized so search engines will understand what your content is about. It also offers video’s and a knowledgebase to learn about the basics of SEO.

Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Use SEO For Your Business Prosperity:

  • Extremely Cost Effective:

Known for generating huge revenue for your website and attracting the audience traffic on your website, the SEO methods of advertising are comparably cheaper and favorable when it comes to uncompromised quality.

  • Good For Branding And Business Visibility:

Depending upon your website rating and the quality of the content uploaded on your website, the Search Engines uses keywords and links to preview your site as a “Suggested” one. This turns out to be one of the finest things when generating a bulky traffic to your site.

  • Helps In Building Your Websites’ Credibility:

Being an ultimate source for earning credibility, SEO is an ultimate tool for gaining attention and establishing affinity. It locates the link buildings and keywords to your site from other creditable websites, helping you gain traffic on your website.

Your corporation certainly prerequisites to have an SEO tactic in practice if you are concerned in ensuing in footings of online publicizing; it relics one of the solitary supreme vital gears of any organization’s branding exertions and online occurrence. It certainly is not an expense to your organization when you get associated with the SEO. Rather, it is an investment. Hence, if bringing more traffic to your business, generating a good ROI and having a good insight as a whole are what you aiming for, compromising on the brilliance of SEO strategies and tools will not help you whatsoever. They say that,

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

In order to let that materialize, the Search Engine is the only option for website optimization which allows you to reach the loftiness of success.

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