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Five ways to use AI text generation in recruitment

This is not the first article we’ve written about AI text generation. And it probably won’t be the last, either. In our previous piece, we focused on generating content with an AI application like ChatGPT and discussed why combining ChatGPT with Textmetrics leads to the best results.

We also mentioned that AI applications can make your working life a lot easier. And it sure can! But we didn’t zoom in on how. As a recruiter, writing great job postings is probably the first thing you’ll think about using it for. And that definitely is one of the five ways to use AI text generation software such as Textmetrics in recruitment. (We’ll tell you more about that later on.)

But there are more perks of using AI applications in recruitment. Read on to discover what they are, and how you can generate the content you need.


AI text generation for recruiters: five uses


1. Ask ChatGPT to come up with interview questions
Job interviews are an important part of the hiring process. You need to ask the right questions to find out if a candidate is suitable for the job, but it’s not always easy to come up with these yourself. You can save a lot of time if ChatGPT does this for you.

Prompt: Think of five interview questions for the job of senior marketeer for a start-up. It’s important that the marketeer has good communication skills, is creative, and quick at solving problems.


2. Use ChatGPT to write an outreach message
Sometimes you’ll want to write outreach messages to approach potential candidates that might be a good match for your job. These need to be attractive messages that appeal to the receivers and persuade them to apply. A difficult task, especially when those people are not actively looking for a new job.

ChatGPT can generate an outreach message for you. And after you tweak it to perfection, you can use Textmetrics to make sure it’s free of bias and reflects your employer branding.

Prompt: Write a 250-word outreach message to a candidate about a senior marketing job.


3. Use ChatGPT to get more information on recruitment
ChatGPT is also a great source of information. It’s like a search engine that you can talk to! Try asking it what the best job boards are to post your job ad for a senior marketeer on.

Prompt: Make a list of 10 job boards in the Netherlands where I can post a job opening for a senior marketer.


4. Let ChatGPT screen resumes and application letters
Going through resumes and application letters is a time-consuming task. Using ChatGPT to screen resumes and application letters can save you a lot of time. You’ll quickly find out if candidates match a job opening based on their skills and experience.

Prompt: Give a short summary of the skills and experiences in this resume (or application letter).


5. Let our Smart AI Writing Software generate job ads for you
Generating job ads can be very time consuming especially when you want the outcome to be personalized. ChatGPT is great at generating very generic job postings but for those who want more we suggest you try out our Job Ad Generator (we like to call it the JAG). With the Job Ad Generator of Textmetrics you can achieve first time right job postings that align with your company’s tone of voice and branding.

Prompt: You don’t need one! Simply input the job title, select the essential pull factors and desired skills, and let the JAG handle the rest.



How to get the best results

It is clear that using generative AI can make your working life as a recruiter a lot easier, especially when you are using software like Textmetrics. The content that ChatGPT generates gives you a draft to work with, but it still needs some tweaking to ensure it’s free from bias and reflects your brand well.

The latter is very important, especially in recruitment, as you want to attract candidates that fit in well with your company’s culture. When you use Textmetrics, you add that human touch back into the AI-generated texts, to show your brand personality to the candidates. And as bias is very difficult to spot, especially when you wrote the text yourself, the text optimizer points it out for you and provides you with suggestions.

When it comes to generating job ads, an even more effective approach is to simply allow our Job Ad Generator to handle the task for you. This way, you won’t require any other AI software or tools, as everything can be accomplished within a single platform


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