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August 16, 2022

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Employer branding strategies to win in the battle for talent

As a recruiter, you know just how difficult it currently is to find qualified candidates for your jobs. Talent is scarce, and there is a real battle for talent going on. Therefore, now more than ever, a strong employer brand is of the utmost importance. In a tight labor market, you need to position yourself as a company of choice. Candidates need to think of you as a company they really want to work for. This will also help you become a more diverse and inclusive company. Because building a strong employer brand is the way to reach everyone in your target group. As a recruiter, you can play an important role here. We’ll discuss this below.


The role recruiters play in employer branding

Building a strong employer brand doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, recruiters might think that it’s not their job to work on it. Although they do agree that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring and organizational success. So it’s high time we have a look at what recruiters themselves can do for employer branding.

  • Post content on social media

Recruiters can work on content to be published on social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This content should reflect the company’s culture and values. Find ways to distinguish the organization from others. For example, by answering questions like: What unique benefits do you offer to (future) employees? Just be careful not to focus too much on recruitment. The content should be focused on sharing the employer brand.

  • Encourage current employees to speak positively about the company online

Posting on social media is also something recruiters should encourage current employees to do. When they speak positively about the company online, it will help build a strong employer brand. Current employees are seen as influencers by jobseekers. So if your current employees are enthusiastic about working at your company, jobseekers will be more likely to apply.


Use Textmetrics to build a strong employer brand

Part of the content you post on social media is written content. This content needs to reflect your employer brand. That’s easier said than done. Fortunately, technology can be a big help here. You can use the Textmetrics platform to reflect your employer brand in all of your written communication.

The Textmetrics platform analyzes what you write. And our augmented assistant provides real-time suggestions whenever you deviate too far from your brand identity. This allows you to ensure that all written content is consistent with your employer brand. And delivers maximum impact on the potential candidates you want to reach.

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