December 1, 2023

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Encounters with common candidates in recruiting

As a recruiter, you’re probably an agreeable person with high social skills. You have to be, because meeting and matching candidates and companies is your chosen job. To screen and interview candidates will sometimes test your social skill set to the max. But the longer your recruiting experience, the better you can decipher the spoken and unspoken language of the candidate in front of you.

Let’s check out some candidates that you’ve most likely seen before.


The perfectly prepped candidate

This candidate has put plenty of time in their preparation. They read the company website inside-out and prepared witty and insightful questions. Just remember who’s in charge: you! They probably role-played this interview over and over again with a friend. Give them a small task or ask them to describe their last cooked dinner. You might get a glimpse of their unprepared and authentic self.


The lost candidate

This candidate was job hunting, but somewhere lost track. They spotted eagle feathers on their trail, but ended up with a pink rabbit. Now they’re sitting in front of you, clueless about where they are and what function they’re applying to. Just give them a cup of coffee and wish them the best on their way out.


The quiet candidate

Is this person shy or is it something else? They don’t seem to be able to sell themselves. Maybe it’s the next Einstein that just showed up. Their CV was impressive and you were keen to see them, but you’re just getting two-word answers out of their mouth. Think! You invited them for a reason, and they might just be the perfect, but neurodivergent match. Don’t get frustrated, but change to a different approach. If necessary, reschedule the interview and mail them about what they need in the application process.


The yes-person

This yes-man or woman agrees on everything you say or propose. Maybe they desperately need a job or maybe they’re people pleasers with the need to always be agreeable. Check if they also mirror your body language. If so, then grab your left ear with your right hand or put your feet on the table. Will they follow your lead?


The chatterbox

This person doesn’t stop talking about themselves. This could be both insecurity or the exact opposite. They could be afraid of silence or they could have such a big ego that it doesn’t fit in the room. Which one is it?


The ideal candidate

As a seasoned recruiter, you can spot the ideal candidate from a distance. Your heart starts beating faster and you’re getting super alert. You have to be careful not to let this one escape.

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