Diverse teams help you become a more innovative and creative company. Which you need to achieve better results. But you probably already knew that, right? It’s likely one of the reasons why you’ve formulated your diversity and inclusion goals. Different backgrounds and perspectives in a team contribute to more diverse ideas. That’s why diversity recruitment is so important. It helps you recruit people of different genders, backgrounds, races, and religions. And people with different skills, values, experiences, and knowledge. And by doing so, you build teams full of qualified candidates.

What is diversity recruitment?

Does your workplace reflect society? By that, we mean does your staff consist of a variety of different types of people. People from different backgrounds and with different experiences. Just like the people in the surrounding society. The answer might be no. Your workforce might not be as diverse as you wish it to be. You need a diversity recruitment strategy to change this. It’s the practice of hiring candidates using a recruitment process that is free of bias. You still aim to find the best candidate out there, but you give everyone who applies an equal opportunity.

3 ways to increase diversity in recruiting

A diversity recruitment strategy is all about increasing diversity in recruiting. There are a lot of ways to implement this. We highlight three of them below.

  • Use AI to review applications 

Choosing the candidates you want to invite for a job interview isn’t always easy. A lot of people seem to be equally qualified. Often, recruiters select people, at least partly, based on their gut feeling. This is where bias can sneak in. The candidate gets an invitation based on gender, age, or race. Using artificial intelligence to review applications eliminates this bias. Choices are made on how candidates score on specific parameters (which you set in advance).

  • Develop an employer brand that showcases diversity

Wanting to hire people from different backgrounds alone is not enough. These people also need to want to work for you. You should develop an employer brand that showcases diversity. People need to see that diversity is part of your company culture.

  • Rewrite your job descriptions 

Have a look at the job descriptions you’ve posted recently. Do these really appeal to people from all backgrounds? To men and women alike? And to people of all ages? Often, job descriptions use biased language. Instead, they should use inclusive language. Because what you want is for everyone to feel spoken to. Every single person in your target group should feel motivated to apply.

Diversity recruitment and Textmetrics

You can use the Textmetrics platform to increase diversity in recruiting. Using algorithms based on artificial intelligence, it reads and analyzes your content. And it then gives you real-time suggestions for improvements. You can use these suggestions to:

  • Develop your employer brand into one that showcases your diversity.
  • Write jobs ads using more inclusive language that appeals to everyone in your target group.

These are important steps toward a more diverse and inclusive workforce. One that reflects society and outperforms less diverse competitors.

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