Reaching their diversity and inclusion goals is something countless companies strive for. Not only because it’s something society asks for, but also because it positively impacts revenue, employee satisfaction and the company’s reputation. But we know that this is not an easy goal to reach, and that the recruitment process plays an important role here. More specific job descriptions can really make a difference, so an augmented writing platform can be a big help for recruiters. But what is an augmented platform? And what does Textmetrics have to offer when it comes to this innovation?

What is an augmented writing platform?

An augmented writing platform offers you a number of tools that help you write better, more powerful content so you can reach your goals. It can be best described as a technology that serves as a writing coach. In terms of job descriptions, an augmented writing platform can, for example, give you suggestions for more inclusive language while you’re writing. This helps you eliminate gender and age bias from your job posts. In addition, it can give you suggestions for the best tone of voice to use and ways to reduce the difficulty of the words you use, making sure you write at B1 level, for example. That way, you’ll know for sure that your job descriptions aren’t too complex and are understandable for most of your target group.

Textmetrics – Augmented writing platform 

Textmetrics offers a full augmented writing platform to help you create more diverse, inclusive and on-brand content. Our tools use algorithms based on artificial intelligence to read and analyze your content and provide you with real-time suggestions for improvements. As previously mentioned, these improvements include: 

  • using more inclusive language; 
  • eliminating gender and age bias;
  • using the right tone of voice for your brand;
  • and limiting the number of difficult words used, which can make your content too complex and put off potential candidates.

And there’s more. The augmented writing platform offered by Textmetrics can also analyze how well your content—in this case, job descriptions—scores on SEO and indicate what needs to be done to increase their findability on Google. 

Textmetrics’s augmented writing platform doesn’t just make writing your job descriptions a lot easier or save your recruiters time. It also increases the likelihood that more qualified people will apply since your optimized job descriptions will help you reach a much larger portion of your target group than you have so far. What more could you possibly want?

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