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DEIB at work—ways to increase diversity and inclusion

How diverse is your workforce? Are people from different backgrounds treated equally? Do they have the same chances? And do you hire people from different backgrounds for new jobs? Is the answer to all these questions “yes”? Then you probably have no problem reaching your diversity and inclusion goals. Unfortunately, we know that the most common answer is “no”. Diversity and inclusion are more relevant today than ever before. We even speak about DEIB now. This is short for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. And it is about improving equality and success even more. But how do you successfully implement diversity and inclusion in your workforce? We will tell you all about that here.


3 ways to increase DEIB

A company that embraces DEIB wants its workforce to resemble society. Everyone in the organization needs to feel heard. And everyone should have equal opportunities to grow. To increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce, you should:

1. Eliminate bias

Bias is probably the most important thing that stands in the way of increasing diversity and inclusion. A bias is a prejudice we hold for or against a person or group. We might, for example, think that people above a certain age are too old for a job. Or that women are less suitable for a job because a lot of analytical skills are required. These prejudices are often completely unconscious. We don’t intend to exclude people. But because it does happen often, it’s worth figuring out if there is bias in your workforce.

2. Implement an inclusive HR strategy

HR plays a very important role in becoming a more diverse and inclusive company. Therefore, you cannot do without an inclusive HR strategy. It needs to describe:

  • how you will hire people from different backgrounds;
  • how you will make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity when they apply;
  • how you can retain people from different backgrounds;
  • how you will ensure that they have equal opportunities to grow in the company.

3. Hire a chief diversity officer

If you wish to see results quickly, you can opt to hire a chief diversity officer. You hire one person who is responsible for all of your diversity and inclusion efforts. The chief diversity officer is responsible for increasing diversity and inclusion in the workforce. He or she creates a work culture where all employees can be productive. Where everyone feels respected and safe in their work environment.


Textmetrics and DEIB at work

At Textmetrics, we offer a platform you can use to embrace DEIB at work. And to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce. How? By helping you to easily improve all written communication. You can use it to write job descriptions that are free of any bias. And job descriptions that appeal to everyone in your target group. But you can also use it to create content that you distribute amongst people who already work for you. Content that appeals to all ages, genders and backgrounds, and helps you create a culture of true belonging.

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