Leontien Rutenfrans

Marketing Manager Textmetrics
March 22, 2022

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How to foster DEIB?

Greater innovation, better team performance and increased profitability. These all sound good, right? Just like improving engagement and retention. But what exactly is “doing the right thing”? It means being a company that is committed to DEIB. That is short for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Perhaps you’ve been focusing on diversity and inclusion (D&I) for a while now. DEIB is simply taking it a step further. Are you curious to know how to achieve this? And how can you foster DEIB in your organization? We’ll tell you all about it here.


What is DEIB?

D&I alone is not enough to create a work environment that helps people get the best out of themselves. You’ll need to focus on equity and belonging as well. Equity is about creating fair and impartial opportunities for everyone in your organization. Everyone should be heard equally. Belonging is a feeling that can only be achieved when you’re doing D, E and I right. A true sense of belonging lets people know that whatever makes them diverse is welcomed and celebrated. 


How can you foster DEIB in your organization?

  • Build on your D&I efforts

Is your work environment diverse and inclusive? If so, you can use this as a base upon which to build your DEIB efforts. Because you can never create a true sense of belonging if you’re not diverse, inclusive and equitable. 

  • Take it serious

DEIB is not something you implement overnight. It takes time to reach certain DEIB goals. You need to be intentional about your DEIB efforts. You can do this in several ways: 

  You need to make sure that everyone gets their say in meetings. Even the people who don’t easily speak up. 

  You need to listen to the feedback you receive and take action. Because if you fail to do so, people will feel unheard. That’s not great for equity and belonging. 

  You can stimulate belonging by creating employee resource groups (ERGs). These give employees a chance to meet like-minded people. Together, they can address the needs of underrepresented groups in the workplace.

  • Be accountable 

Most likely, HR and leadership are in charge of the DEIB efforts. They need to be accountable for the progress, too. Progress can be measured in different ways. You can organize a staff meeting or hold a company-wide survey, for example. As long as you encourage everyone to speak up and deliver their input. 


DEIB and Textmetrics

At Textmetrics, we offer a platform that you can use to foster DEIB. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that empower you to improve all of your written communication. You can use it to write job ads that are free of bias. This is an important first step towards becoming a more diverse company. And you can use it for creating content that appeals to everyone. That’s important if you want to foster DEIB throughout your company.

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